'Living Well Program' Concludes in High Spirits in Mohali

While physical benefits of Yoga are known to many, but the enormous impact that this ancient form of exercise can have on your mental, emotional and spiritual well being, is something many of us are not aware of – at least when it comes to actually experiencing it!

Around 15 days back, when I finished my 8-day long ‘Living Well Program’ organized by Art of Living, for the first time in Tricity, I experienced a surprising shift in my psyche, apart from all the amazing physical health benefits that were promised in the course.

As we all know that the fast-paced lives that we are leading these days results in exorbitant amount of stress, anxieties, hypertension, diabetes, anger etc, the Living Well Program was aimed at eliminating the root cause of these sickening lifestyle problems.

With the teacher being – Garima Agarwal – a charismatic personality brimming with confidence, well-being and compassion – the Living Well Program taught us how to live a healthy and happy life naturally. Amazingly well - organised by Mukta Nijjar at the Temple Of Knowledge (Sector -68, Mohali), the course was intelligently designed to address the physical, psychological, nutritional, and spiritual needs of a person.

Living Well Program Mohali

Simple yet profound yoga asanas and exercises were taught to us, and layer by layer, everyday, we were made aware of our own body, mind and Self!

Not only did I get relief from my neck pain but after doing this course, I felt a huge increase in my stamina. My body, which was earlier stiff, started feeling like a rubber to me, with its elasticity restored through a number of well-sequenced yoga poses and a little bit of diet-modification.

A lot of people in the course reported to have achieved increased strength, flexibility, and release of negative emotions!

Program Highlights

1. The program provides a step-by-step guidance to calm the mind and heal the body.

2. The program starts with a thorough understanding of your current health condition, your daily schedule and lifestyle.

3. The program especially focuses on treating the source - the mind and its patterns, and utilizing practical and effective breathing exercises.

4. A powerful breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya is taught during the program to relax the body and mind, helps coping up with the psychological stressors and challenges in daily life

5. Finally, “Dhyaan” (Meditation) is taught which feels so easy to do after the number of physical and breathing exercises one is made to go through.

A loveable and respectable family has been created by ever energetic Mukkta ji and our divine teacher Garima ji . These eight days passed so speedily no one could have imagined. Let us hope when we meet again. – Madan Mohan Wadhwa

“Feels like a family celebration has ended.” - Archana

"I've attended many Art Of Living Courses earlier but this is the best course in nine years that I attended. Practical and result-oriented, worked wonders for me!" - Gurpreet

In case, you want to undergo this life-transforming experience too, contact Mukta Nijjar (0987670452) to know when the program is happening next!