Interview with Choi-Kwang-Do Master Bikram Thapa

As we witness martial arts replacing the conventional gym culture in Punjab, and surrounding areas. We bring to you a tete-a-tete into the life story of a prominent Choi Kwang Do martial artist of the region – Master Bikram Thapa.

Q.1. What drove your interest towards becoming martial artist?

Ans : EChoi-Kwang-Do-Bikram-Thapa.jpgver since my childhood, I was very much influenced by action movies. I grew up watching Bruce Lee movies. I decided to bend myself towards martial arts. I wanted to do better in martial arts.

Q.2. Shed some light on what is basically Choi Kwang Do? Why did you choose it, out of all other martial arts?

Ans : Choi Kwang Do is a 21st century modern scientific martial art. It is the

first bio-mechanic martial art which is yoga rooted based on the scientific principles of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, etc. Its non-jerky movements makes it different from other traditional martial arts. I started practicing martial arts like Tae Kwon do , Karate, Kung Fu , Kick Boxing , etc I wanted to take experience and gain knowledge of different martial art styles. When i met Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi- Founder & President of Choi Kwang Do , I got influenced and came to know about the limitations of other traditional martial arts. That is why,I moved towards Choi Kwang Do.

Q.3. What are the basic principles of Choi Kwang Do ? How long does it take for a person to reach the black belt?

Ans : Choi Kwang Do’s motto is to make others healthy and physically fit . Its scientific principles based on human anatomy, physiology , kinesiology, etc. to protect from various kinds of diseases- arthritis , osteoporosis , neuro-degenerative diseases , cardio vascular diseases , high b.p. & low b.p. , stress, strain , etc. It takes 3 years 6 months to 4 years to reach the black belt for a person.

Q.4. Name five exercises that you feel is a must for every individual to practice in their day to day life?

Ans : There are so many exercises to practice in day-to-day life. But according to my view , discipline , healthy eating habit , positive attitude , organized exercise and proper rest .

Q.5. What do you think about drug abuse and lethargy that is rampant, especially in the North India? Do you think that martial arts can contribute towards curbing the menace?

Ans : Drug addiction is a sin to our society . It has spoiled lots of lives. Martial art can play an important role to mold the drug addict. Discipline of martial arts changes the way of living life . Those who do physical exercises want to become fit naturally. Regular counselling and instructions of instructor change the people who fall in bad company.

Q.6. What are the challenges that you faced while undergoing the martial arts training?

Ans : Challenges are always there in our life . When I used to do challenges in the training to do better . It was basically the challenges of improvement. Now, when I am running martial art business, I face challenge in the business to do better.

Q.7. Share with us a few energy giving meals that you consider to be important for a martial artist?

Ans : All kinds of vegetables , fruits , dry fruits and milk should be consumed.

Q.8. State some benefits of doing Choi Kwang do ? Is there any age bar to follow the same?

Ans : There are so many benefits of doing Choi Kwang Do . As I stated above that it is a modern scientific martial art . It has its roots in Yoga . One can prevent from various types of diseases like arthritis , osteoporosis , neurodegenerative diseases , cardiovascular diseases , etc. Its non-jerky techniques improve the strength of joints. Target training improves the bone density. Different patterns improve the concentration which is good for students those who have to devote 6-7 hrs in school . Its different speed drills improve the heart and lung capacity which prevents from heart diseases . It improves asthma too. Its flexibility exercises make our ligaments strong by supplying proper oxygen and blood circulation to our body. And self defense and attacking skills are an additional benefit to it.

Q.9. A piece of advice that you would like to give to everyone reading this interview?

Ans : I would like to advice to all the readers to be optimistic , set a goal in the like and avoid falling in bad company.