Travel Solo but SAFE, my girl!

EAT, PRAY, LOVE !!! Most of women travellers today are inspired by the movie of Julia Roberts, travelling solo once considered to be domain for men and their favourite pastime has become new found love and fascination for women. With quick and easy access to information about destinations and bookings, women’s attraction towards travelling has grown further.

Women are motivated to move out of their comfort zone and give vent to their travelling desires and dreams. If you are also planning to travel on your own, there should be certain precautions you must follow to make your travel and stay at new place an experience worth cherishing and remembering rather than becoming a safety nightmare for you.

Dr Seema Malik, Women Entrepreneur and Social Activist has been pioneer in kicking off campaigns that have worked incredibly well for the safety of women. Her most talked about campaign MIRCHI JHONK has come to the rescue of women at large all across India. Dr Seema Malik has drafted a charter of travel plan and safety recommendations for hassle and harrasement free experience for solo women travellers.

• Be street smart : Practice self reliant very carefully and don’t depend on anyone unless it’s really needed. Carry cash, credit card, map, a guidebook, and phrase book and a chilli spray in your purse.

• Be and appear confident with your head up, remain sure about where you are heading.

• Know whom you are asking for help, ask family or another woman.

• Always withdraw cash on busy street in a day time not in the the dark.

• Dress modestly in accordance with the local culture to avoid undue attention and ward off unwelcome advances.

• Be in a group if you are accompanied by friends and acquaintances.

• If you find a man trying to make advances or coming close to you say strinct and loud NO in local language. This makes your message clear. Always trust your instincts if you think someone is following you, don’t hesitate to scream or overreact.

• If you are travelling by train overnight , opt for upper berth to avoid intrusion on your privacy.

• Avoid eye contact and chit chat with strangers.

• Try to ride in cars driven by women drivers. Or if in bus or train sit next to family or women.

• Try to avoid travelling by public transport at night and don’t travel in empty buses or trains during nights.

• You can hire taxis with call service. Try to travel with companion in night.

• Plan your travel time so you don’t arrive in anywhere late in the night. Try to have someone receive you at the airport and station.

• Always keep your known person remain in loop about places you are visiting, staying or hanging out.

• Stay connected to friends and close contacts via social media.

 DR Seema Malik Mirchi JhonkA Word about Dr Seema Malik

Dr Seema Malik is an Indian doctor & Social worker.She’s the founder of Mirchi Jhonk, Managing Director of Eleganza (Skin & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic) An established and well known brand in the market & the Founder director of Malik Group, a company involved with health care. She’s also the Founder President of SHARP, a NGO working for the upliftment of the downtrodden women and children since 1993.