Celebrity Makeover Artist Doles Out Makeup Tips For Winter

 As in the coming months of winter, our wardrobe will undergo a lot of transformation, some alterations in our makeup (including winter look, skin care regime and winter makeup) is needed as well. Sensing the same, Poornima Goyal of the Silverine Spa & salon has recently unleashed 'winter makeover calendar.'

Silverine-Spa-Poornima-Goyal.jpgA celebrity makeover and beauty expert, Poornima recently did makeover for celebrity singer Shibani Kashyap that was glamorous yet subtle. On the occasion, Poornima also shared make up & skin care 'do’s and don’ts' that are useful and handy to cosmetically combat the cold.

Switch from powder to cream now: To combat the problem of dry skin that is tagged with winter season you need skin products that give you soft and dewy look and feel.  Switch to cream blush for creating soft look and use bright hues of blush to brighten up your face from dull look.

PRIMER IS MUST IN WINTERS: Use primer on the face before using foundations to keep your skin looking moisturized for long. Primer will help your skin to look flawless and glowing.

Go for moisturizing foundation: Replace your mineral and powder foundation with creamy and hydrating foundation.

DON'T Bid Goodbye to Sunscreens: Sunshine may be less in winters but that should not stop you from using sunscreen as harmful UV rays are still there in unvisible form to harm your skin. Protect your skin from sun damage and give it a sheen of hydration before applying base.

Define Your Eyes: Eye makeup is the most important part of makeup in winters. You can define your eyes more by going for creative and graphic eye make up this season. Choose chocolate brown shade or use charcoal liner along your upper lashes. 

Use Neutral Shades: Neutral shades of makeup look very glamourous in winters. You can flash your makeup with tones of greys, beige, light browns, pinks and purples. Swap powder for cream eye shadow to protect your eye makeup from smudging or creasing on you lid. Creamy eye shadow will keep your makeup in place even if the skin is dry.

Smokey Is In: You can give your age old Smokey eye makeup look a colourful twist and do Smokey makeup in vivid bright hues. Smoky eye makeup looks best in winters.

Flaunt coloured mascara ; Go for coloured mascara like navy blue, burgundy that gives your lashes a soft and subtle shade with depth without looking overdone.

Say Bye to Chappy Lips: Swap your dry matte lipstick for hydrating lip formula . Go for lip glosses in vivid hues or lipsticks with glycerine.

Paint your nails in blackberry and copper colour, and go for darker shades in winters.


Poornima Goyal of Silver Spa & Salon with Shibani Kashyap