Love Punjabi Juttis? You've got to check out these 8 Online stores

Punjabi juttis are a staple essence of the Punjabi outfit. But, let’s not stereotype it to Punjab itself. The love for Punjabi juttis is evident across the globe and these select labels stand testament to the same. As you shop for your favourite pair of jutti, keep in mind that you can team them up with your favorite long skirts, jeans and kurtas as well.

1. JuttiGram: Kirti Dudege’s pure love for Punjabi culture and traditional juttis is clearly evident in her recently launched label JuttiGram. The USP of her juttis lies in the versatile, quirky yet elegant juttis teamed with comfort. From juttis for ethnic wear dresses to shirt dresses, JuttiGram has it all!

2. La Belle Fille: The story of La Belle Fille started when Vidhi Karai Virparia was pursuing Fashion Designing and designed a jutti for a college project and every since then, her out of the box Punjabi juttis have won hearts of people from across the globe. Her clientele is widespread across India, Canada, Srilanka, Nepal, USA and Germany.

3. Jutti Couture: A true philanthropist & a passionate painter, Gagan Ranauta Brar is the designer of all her juttis sold under the label Jutti Couture. The queen of ethnic wear Punjabi juttis, the label ensures that after the sale of every pair of jutti, they gift a pair of shoes to a child in need. Jutti Couture has clients from UK, Canada, Dubai, New Zealand, Africa and Australia.

4. Fizzy Goblet: A blessing in disguise for college-teens, Fizzy Goblet is renowned for their ground-breaking concepts such as jutti sneakers, brogues and DIY shoes. The label was envisioned by the young & spirited design student Laksheeta Govil with the view to create fun footwear. 

5. Needle Dust: Chic, fun & comfortable is what aptly defines the Juttis of Shirin Mann Sangha’s label, Needle Dust. The brand took birth when Shirin could not really find the kind of traditional juttis for her wedding and ever since then, Needle Dust has proven to be a dream come true for all the Jutti lovers. The juttis are extra-cushioned and major emphasis has been laid on comfort of the wearer. 

6. Torr Punjabi: 

With a wide variety of designs, Torr Punjabi offers juttis done in beads, sippi, sitara, dabka and even the bejewelled stone look ones. Matching up to the contemporary and traditional fine blend, juttis from Torr are known for being very comfortable. The brand Torr Punjabi was started by a professional pilot Tarundeep, who built his life along with this brand afresh after suffering from a wrong treatment of Hepatitis A. 

8. Raunak Store

Raunak store is already a popular brand of Punjabi juttis in Amritsar and now the good news is that they're ONLINE. Raunak store provides traditional juttis without much variations. Their designs revolve around mirror work, beads and prints too.