Cleopatra Beauty Experts Reminisce Doing Manushi Chillar's Makeover!

Much before she became the Miss World, Manushi Chhillar went through her makeover from our very own renowned Chandigarh beauty expert, Richa Agrawal - founder - Cleopatra beauty salon n spa. Miss World 2017, Manushi Chillar has won the hearts of the people across the globe and reminiscing her visit to the City Beautiful in April 2017, Richa Aggrawal & Harveen Kathuria, beauty experts from Cleopatra share their experience of her modesty and simplicity.

"We had organized a beauty contest in Elante Mall in the month of April this year when Manushi had graced the occasion with her mere presence. Keeping in view her skin and features, we gave her eyes a smoky look and kept her hairstyle simple. That was definitely sufficient for the beautiful Manushi Chillar", said Richa Aggarwal.

"Being experts in the beauty & wellness sector, we could easily recognize that her skin was healthy. There were a few dark circles under her eyes, like those which take place due to studying. She told us that she had never used any sort of chemical on her face and hair", added Harveen.

Speaking about the best feature of her face, Harveen said, "Her lips and her dimple adds to her beauty quotient."

Needless to say, the simplicity & beauty of Manushi Chillar is something that left an indelible imprint on the hearts of these beauty experts.