Hard Kaur

  • A Hard-Hitting Story of the 'HARD-KAURS' of Punjab

    Ever since the last few years, we've seen the Punjabi film industry grow by leaps and bounds. Content-driven films with a meaningful message have swayed the Silver screen elegantly, and another such movie is going to be, Hard Kaur. To all the men and women continuing the fight for feminism, this movie is going to be a blessing in disguise!

  • Director Ajit R. Rajpal Provides an Insight into His Upcoming Movie, Hard Kaur

    Tomorrow is the BIG day for Punjabi cinema as the first ever Punjabi film on WOMEN EMPOWERMENT will hit the silver screen called Hard Kaur. The film has already set the social media ablaze with its enticing trailer and subject matter. So, we speak to the brain behind this movie, Ajit R. Rajpal (Writer and Director) to know more!

  • Hard Kaur - Punjabi Movie Reviews : Public Take!

    As the much-awaited Punjabi movie, Hard Kaur released on December 15, 2017, the audience couldn't resist from appreciating the growth of Punjabi film industry for producing movies with such an influencing message.

  • Hard Kaur Has Surprised Us With This Announcement!

    The versatile rapper and singer of Punjab, Hard Kaur is all set to release her latest single on 26th July.

  • Here’s All That You Need to Know About the Hard Kaurs!

    The much-awaited Punjabi movie, Hard Kaur is already on the anvil of release and we couldn’t resist from knowing more about the same. So, we recently spoke to Ajit R. Rajpal, the Writer & Director of the film to help us with a sneak-peak into the bold characters portrayed in the movie.

  • “Hard Kaur is all about Girl Power”, says Deana Uppal

    The Beauty Pageant Titleholder and business entrepreneur, Deana Uppal was the Winner of Miss India UK 2012. She was one of the Housemates of Big Brother 13 (UK), and one of the contestants of Fear Factor, Khatron ke Khiladi 5. She has played various role in a varied range of movies, and her upcoming Punjabi movie, Hard Kaur is something that she always wanted to do.