• 5 Reasons why Cleopatra is the best beauty salon in the region

    Cleopatra Spa n Salon based in Chandigarh is reckoned as the best destination for bridal makeovers, day spa and other beauty services. Founded by Richa Agarwal, Cleopatra has over five branches in North India. Today on,  we present to you five reasons as to why it is the BEST!

  • 5 Ways To Use Coffee In Your Beauty Routine!

    A steaming cup of coffee that proves to be a blessing early in the morning, has some blessings in disguise in store. There is so much that the coffee beans can contribute to your aesthetic regime, and we present to you how!

  • Beauty & Style Experts Gather at Blossom Kochhar's College!

    New Delhi: Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts and Design was transformed into a world class production of style, creative design, beauty and entrepreneurship.
  • Get a sparkling skin this Valentine's | Expert Talk

    Spirit of festivity has ushered in with a lot of excitement, hustle bustle and over exertion to boot. Thus taking a toll on your skin and making it lackluster and dehydrated further. On top of that, you are extremely anxious as you don't have enough time to get instant result.

  • Miss Rajasthan 2016: Night Full of Splendour

    Shimmer splendorous sparkled bright...shine of Gold throughout the night. Pink city witnessed grandeur and magnificence of MISS RAJASTHAN 2016 as all contestants in Avtaar of beautiful and royal divas vied to win coveted title of MISS RAJASTHAN organised by Yogesh Mishra last week. Geetanjali won coveted title of Miss Rajasthan.

  • Special DIY beauty remedies exclusively from Cleopatra!

    "Features are gifted, beauty is achieved.
    Body is gifted, figure is revealed."