5 Ways To Use Coffee In Your Beauty Routine!

A steaming cup of coffee that proves to be a blessing early in the morning, has some blessings in disguise in store. There is so much that the coffee beans can contribute to your aesthetic regime, and we present to you how!

1. Use it as a scrub – Coffee acts as an amazing scrub to exfoliate the moist grounds on the skin. Just add a pinch of water to the coffee powder and rub it on your face for a few minutes, and rinse. You’ll see the ugly dead cells disappear.

2. Increase your hair growth – Are you one of those people who experience the same hair length for years all together? Well, that’s not happening anymore. Grind those coffee beans into a wet paste and apply it on the scalp area for 2-3 minutes and rinse with a shampoo, this will lead to increasing your  hair growth.

3. Say good-bye to puffy skin – As ladies and gents cross the barrier of 35 years, they witness a sort of puffiness on their skin, making their face look fat an uneven. However, coffee can easily curb this. All you have to do is, freeze some coffee cube (made by mixing water and coffee powder), and massage on your face, especially the area under your eyes – and see the difference.

4. Bring the lost glow back – Do you feel that you’ve lost your charming face glow amidst the trivial routine? Well, mix 1 tablespoon coffee with 2 yoghurt and massage it on your face, leave the same for 10-15 minutes and rinse. Get ready to see the rejuvenated you.

5. Retain your hair color – If you wish to retain the hair color on which you recently spent some bucks? Just add 2 tablespoons of coffee to your conditioner and apply for 4-5 minutes, followed by shampoo. This will make your hair look shining and glossy, and even enhance your hair color.