Garlic and Greens: For Your Spicy Cravings! (Review)

Ever since time immemorial, Punjabis have been well-known for their spicy cravings. The Garlic and Greens, situated in Sector-9 Chandigarh and Elante mall has made sure to have the Punjabi tadka in their meals with the perfect use of er, Garlic and Greens!

If you are a vegetarian and looking for some delectable food, you need not go to some far flung place across the seven seas to feed your appetite, just consider visiting Garlic and Greens.

1Garlic Green4

 Nothing compares to the experience of their steaming meal, with an excellent aroma and flavor, which is ready to be devoured. If you’ve got a penchant for spicy flavors, it’s time to get your hands on their wide range of European and continental cuisine. 

Try gorging on Garlic and Green’s thin crust pizza or lasagna, it will definitely transport you to a tranquil food heaven. The freshly made cocktails and juices will rejuvenate you inside and out, and the unique collection of deserts turns out to be an icing on the cake. Their attention to service and detail speaks volumes. It would not be wrong to say that the sufficient quantity and delectable quality of Garlic and Greens complements each other and proves to be their USP.

1Garlic green5

The well-lit and cozy ambiance, the pleasant selection of music, the simple and peculiar European décor and the friendly staff gives a peppy vibe and proves Garlic and Greens to be worth your visit. The day’s not over yet, go and find out their Punjabi tadka soon.