Top 5 Joints in Amritsar That Serve Mouth-Watering Food (Slurrp!!)

As the vacations bell rings, we bring to you the elixir of Punjab which shall definitely take your taste buds to an eternal ride to serenity. When it comes to defining the rich culture and heritage of Punjab (which obviously comprises of mouth-watering food like makki di roti te sarso saag) – Amritsar is certainly the culinary capital. From the Divine 'Guru da Langar,' to the sacred street food, you cannot just afford to miss either of them. So, we bring to you the best 'ambarsariya' food-joints that are definitely worth being a part of your bucket list. After all, 'pehlaan pait puja, fir kamm duja!'

1. Ahuja Milk Bhandar – When the mercury soars high this season, Ahuja’s towering kesar di lassi shall certainly be your savior. Hindu college diyaan raunakaan te, Ahuja Milk Bhandar di lassi is the one stop point in Amritsar, which shall entail you with rejuvenation throughout the day, and keep all the lethargy at bay.


2. Bharawan Da Dhaba – The hardcore experience of Bharawan da Dhaba lies in its stereotypical Punjabi feast, makki di roti te sarson da saag with deluging amounts of white butter. Located near the shrine of Golden temple, Bharawan da Dhaba only serves vegetarian food, which however has no effect on the Punjabi cravings.

3. The Kulcha land – Located opposite to the M.K Hotel, Ranjit Avenue – the kulcha’s here are explicitly worth gorging. The crispy kulchas, the delectable onion chutney and Punjabiyaan de patent – white channe, carry within themselves some secret ingredient, which shall satisfy your appetite and keep the afternoon sneeze away.


4. Kesar da Dhaba - Being one of the most famed food-joints in Amritsar, the specialty of Kesar da Dhaba lies in its yummy dal makhni and tawa-size parantha, with dollops of butter. The Dhaba, located near town hall has been proficient in adding kilos to the belly of many. But, don’t mind (tidh taan punjabiyaan di shaan hounda ae) and keep glutting.

5. Gurdas Ram Jalebi Wala – The immemorial Gurdas Ram Jalebi wala, is the heaven on earth for all those having a sweet tooth. The freshly prepared, hygienic and succulent jalebi and gulab jamun, is definitely many steps ahead of chandni chowk, or any other jalebi across the globe. Every bite of the luscious ghee dipped sweets of Gurdas Ram Jalebi wala, has all the adrenaline rush that shall definitely get you eating more and more, no matter how much your tummy can afford.

Now that you are well-aware of the fatty Punjabi delicacies from buttery lachcha paranthas and pickle to the invigorating lassi, it’s time to give your taste buds a break from the trivial food. And er, don’t forget - in Amritsar Street food is part of a balanced diet. Happy gorging!