Do you know who Arjan Bhullar is? He is a Punjabi-origin Wrestler representing Canada on world-level, who wants to wear Turban while wrestling! The good news is that after a long struggle, he will be actually able to wear turban in his next fight! Whoa!

The oldest political outfit in the Canadian province, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario gets its first Punjabi origin and Sikh President, Jag Badwal. He is a native of Jalandhar, who moved to Canada in the year 1987.

History has been created in the USA and this time, it's by a young Amritdhari Sikh girl named Japman Kaur! She's NOT just the First Female to be enrolled as an NBA attendant but also, the first Punjabi Amrtidhari Sikh.

A prominent Indian-American lawyer, Gurbir S Grewal has made history by becoming the first Sikh Attorney General of the US state of New Jersey after the state Senate approved his nomination unanimously, with a vote of 29-0.

She had moved the 1984 Sikh 'genocide' motion in April last year in Canada and her strong grit and determination to bring justice to her community gave her a Cabinet berth, making her the first Sikh woman minister in Ontario, a Canadian province.