Top Three languages spoken in Canada: You'd be Surprised with the Third One!!

One of the most sought-after countries in the world for higher education, Canada is a diverse country with multi-lingual residents from across the globe. A multitude of languages are used in Canada, such as French, English, Punjabi, Spanish, etc.

Under the Official Languages Act of 1969, both English and French have been rendered official federal status throughout Canada, in respect of all the government services! So, which language you must get fluent with before you land in Canada? Read on to find that!

We present to you an insight into the top three languages which are spoken in Canada.

1. English: Canadian English is the first language of over 19 million residents of the country. It contains elements of British English as well as American English. It is rather said that, the English spoken in Canada is most closely related to the variety of English which is recognized around the world as 'General American'. It is the most spoken language in Canada.

2. French: French is the second mother tongue of the inhabitants of Canada. French is often regarded as the romantic language of the Indo – European families. It is known to be the official language of about 29 countries, Canada being one of them. French is known to have a long history as an international language of commerce, literature, diplomacy, and scientific standards. It is also the official language of many international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, ICRC, NATO, the WTO, and the International Olympic Committee.

3. Punjabi: The third most common language of Canada, is none other than Punjabi. This speaks about the commitment of the government to adhere to cultural diversity in the country. Punjabi is an Indo – Aryan language, which continues to have a cordial relationship with the other two official languages of Canada.

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