Foursquare: Pooja Prakash (School Principal)

A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with affection, ignites hope and instills love for learning. Today, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day we pay an ode to all the teachers across the globe who tend to change millions of lives, with their indomitable will and dedication towards the students. One such prominent person is Pooja Prakash, the principal of KBDAV Public School, Sector-7 Chandigarh.

In our Foursquare (Four Question Series from professionals from all fields), we present to you a sneak-peak into the life of an Educationist who has been providing wings to the fledging souls across Chandigarh.


Pooja Prakash

 Q: Did you want to become a teacher ever since childhood or was it a spontaneous decision?

Ans.  I remember as a child playing the teacher-student game and in that enthusiasm, ruining many books from my father’s library (he is a voracious reader). Other than this pastime, I came from a Family of Educationists where we were regaled with stories of the life on the campus of Punjabi University. Without really knowing that Teaching was my true calling, I took up a job in Dev Samaj College for Women, Sector 45, Chandigarh and never looked back. I still remember my First Class with nearly ninety students in it. It was a life changing experience.     

Ques. What would you like to say about drug abuse among the youth that is rampant in our region?

Ans. To think that one’s child could be entrapped within the vicious world of drugs would be a frightening reality for any family. It is an alarming situation which draws attention to the fact that the emotional bond shared between parents and their child is weakening. The need of the hour is for the parents and educational institutions to provide timely guidance and love and support to the young learners, to help them  identify the threats that loom ahead and tread cautiously, with their heads squarely above their shoulders.


Ques. What do you think about the new age generation that has been addicted to Social media and Internet?

Ans. The world of the social media and internet are like the two sides of the same coin. Used judiciously, it is a boon for the learners who can satiate their curiosity and find ample opportunities to learn and develop their analytical and communication skills. Many young children today are addicted to gadgets and in the absence of monitoring by parents and peer pressure, they are exposing themselves to the dangers of the cyber crime.


Ques. A piece of advice that you would like to give to the students and their parents? 

Ans. Parents are the role models for their children. Good habits and good values are the hallmarks of a Life led successfully. Also the universal bond between a parent and a child needs to be nourished with sacrifice, dedication and love on part of the parent, and respect and reciprocation of the same by the child. I am sure that will complete our world and what we desire from it the most.