The 3 'demands' that Amritsar boy will make to PM Modi, when he gets his bravery award tomorrow!

Class XII student from a village in Amritsar, Karanbeer is set to meet Prime Minister Narendera Modi on January 24 to receive the Sanjay Chopra Bravery Award for his daring act of saving 15 children from his school bus that had fallen into a drain.

But before receiving the award, here are the Three Demands that the very brave, Karanbeer wants to make to India's PM:

  1. “First, I will ask him to provide funds to complete the construction of the bridge and its railing so that no such accident happens again. We travel more than 15 kilometres extra every day to avoid this bridge. But still, many other school buses use it every day and so it could result in another accident any day. Construction of the bridge will not only save time, but will also save lives."
  2. “My second demand is construction of a hospital at Attari. Some children died on that day because there was no good hospital at Attari and time was wasted in carrying them to Amritsar. Every day, 30,000 people visit Attari for the retreat ceremony. It should have a proper hospital so that timely medical aid is provided in cases of an emergency".
  3. “Third, I want the prime minister to end the drug menace in the villages bordering Pakistan. We have drugs coming from Pakistan and then there are people who are supplying these drugs into our villages. All this should stop.”

Karanbeer Bravery award Amritsar wishes the young Karanbeer lots of good luck in the future. May all his genuine demands are taken into consideration by the PM. 

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