3 Punjabi Boys Create 'Plowns' : An App to Recognise Children's Creativity

“Not everyone can be great in science, but not everyone can be great in painting as well. So, why do we say that if someone is better in science, he/she is a better child? We need to give importance to their individuality & creativity, as well”, exclaims Adarsh, the Founder of Plowns.

Adarsh, Gajendra and Harsh, the three quint-essential Punjabi boys were always connected owing to their love for creative innovations, which led to the birth of ‘Plowns’. With the view to showcase the best in every child, they felt the dire need to widen the horizon of the individuality and creativity of children, and not merely restrict them in the traditional professions.

“Plowns is basically a community for parents where they can create an account and get started by sharing their child’s essays/ drawings or whatever you want, as long as it's in the form of an image. Once ploaded, any Plowns user will be able to see your work. You can also share your entries with your friends. Anybody can show their appreciation for your creativity by giving you a star and/or by commenting on your work and they do all these things, none of them remain with them. All the certificates and achievements are collected in one place”, says Adarsh, one of the founding members. 

Plowns Founders

(L-R: Gajendra, Harsh and Adarsh - Founders, Plowns)

“If we see it from a social perspective, the child’s achievements are not seen outside our social circle, by sharing it with plowns, they’re sharing it with the entire parent fraternity. Here we have a community where everyone as a parent understands the emotion and context behind sharing, and parents come together to appreciate the talent and creativity of the kids around the globe”, remarks Harsh. 

Speaking about the challenges that they had to face so far Gajendra quips, “The major challenge that we had to face was trying to ensure that we show people the content that they are interested in. While we want to give visibility to all the children for all the work that is done by them, at the same time, we also need to cater for the consumer part. If I go to the app, and today if I am not uploading something, I’m just consuming content, I’d want to see the content that I am interested in. Maintaining that balance is quite challenging.”

The idea is not to make children do something extra, but to bring the work done by them in classrooms or as homework or something done by them in their free time to an online platform, where the work can be shared with a wider audience. Every child is a creator at heart — while some create paper boats, others draw boats on a piece of paper, and Plowns strives to give these creations space, a platform that is meant to showcase the talent in every child. 

Here’s a sneak-peak to their achievements, so far:

- Selected as the Digital Partner for Inclusive India Initiative by the Government of India

- 20,000 installs on the Google Play Store within 3 months of launch

- Featured in the top 5 of Google Play Store's Parenting category

- Raised INR 50L from Jaydeep Barman (CEO, Faasos) & other angel investors

- 20,000+ Uploads, 1,00,000+ Stars, 30,000+ comments shared on the platform till date