Bohemia decides to sail the ship alone!

The rap star hailing from California, USA - Bohemia is all geared up for releasing his new solo album.

Kalidenali.jpgA very prominent music artist, who has given Punjabi rap a new genre decides to sail the ship alone this time. You guessed it right!

Bohemia's upcoming album KDM (Kali Denali Music) shall have no featuring artists, nor any music producers in his upcoming album. He supposedly worked day and night on his upcoming album, with not even a pinch of assistance from other artists and music producers.

Bohemia or Raja (real name Roger David) is a Pakistani-American rapper, songwriter and record producer from California regarded as the first ever Punjabi rapper, releasing the first Punjabi rap album in 2002! 

Last year he did a song with Guru Randhawa, 'Patola' which was an instant hit. We are truly excited for this album, what about you?