Love Punjab Movie Review

Last year, 'Angrej' hit the right cord when Amrinder Gill was paired with Sargun Mehta. Their chemistry rocked on-screen and we naturally, had great expectations from 'Love Punjab'. But did their chemistry work this time? Read to know. 

Love Punjab is a story of a Punjabi couple (settled in Canada), heading towards divorce but their son is holding them back. Because of his parents locking horns with eachother coupled with some racism stuff happening in the child's life, he slips into depression.

And it is believed that the only way to get him out of depression will be by visiting their roots i.e. Punjab! I don't think that I should elaborate more on the plot because, frankly speaking, everything's revealed in the trailer itself. Anyway, as the movie's principal characters enter Punjab, the movie enters into a completely different zone of serene landscapes, and warmth of Punjab that is captured so beautifully that you actually feel you are one of the characters in the movie too.


Yograj Singh and his wife played by veteran Nirmal rishi add the right doses of authentic 'desiness' to the plot. Amrinder Gill fits in the film well and Sargun has also done justice to the character, but Yograj singh takes this movie to another level with his amazing command over the language and Nirmal Rishi complements him well and the little kid Manvir enacts his part well.

Director Rajiv Dhingra’s treatment to the film is good and he has played well with his characters. Chemistry between Amrinder and Sargun is not as perfect as Angrej but still it will keep you glued to the film.

The drawback of Love Punjab, however, is that watching it will make you feel like you are blessed with some extraordinary powers as all your predictions will come true. Yeah, the storyline is that predictive! However, the saviour is that movie's entertainment quotient is quite high, thanks to the screenplay and dialogues! But music hasn't added anything extra to the package either.

Overall, Love Punjab is predictable but entertaining. Yograj singh is a treat to watch in this movie. One can easily watch and enjoy Love Punjab with family.

Ballewood Rating: 3/5


About Author: Bhavneet Kaushal is a journalist and film critic. You can follow him at