Bhalwan Singh Review : A heartwarming tale of a village boy sealed with a STRONG message!

Bhalwan Singh: A heartwarming tale of a simple village boy transforming into a man of true strength treated with the right dose of comedy, romance and sensibility.

This Friday’s release, Bhalwan Singh starring Ranjit Bawa, Karamjit Anmol and Navpreet Banga in the lead, is directed by Param Shiv and made under the banner of Nadar Films, Rhythm Boyz Entertainment and J Studio. While Ranjit Bawa has already showcased his acting skills in Sarvann and Vekh Baraatan Challiyan, Bhalwan Singh is his first solo film released in India. Despite the huge expectations and responsibility upon his shoulders, the singer-turned-actor has emerged victorious and impressed both the rural and urban Punjabi audience alike.

Playing a charmingly comic character in the first half, who ends up being ridiculed by everyone due to his ‘silly’ antics at ‘doing something constructive’ to end the agony of his villagers at the hands of British, Bhalwan Singh emerges as an unexpected ‘Yodha’ in the second, displaying the real strength of character. The guy, who was thought of possessing nothing to justify his name “Bhalwan” (Strong), and pitted against ‘Jabra’ (Manav Vij), a seemingly much stronger youth from the village, proves ultimately that the strength of a person is not just about having a macho body; it can also be represented by talent, intellect and right actions!

Karmjit Anmol shared Balwan Singh shooting scene

The best part about the film is that there’s never a dull moment in the entire saga. The interesting storyline keeps you hooked while making you cheer for Bhalwan Singh in his attempts to break open the prison lock. With the supporting cast being actors like, Manav Vij and Karamjit Anmol, the film lacks nowhere in the performance department. Navpreet Banga impresses in her debut – playing a female ‘Yodha’ and the love-interest of Bhalwan Singh. Even the British star casting is intelligently done.

The other good thing about the film is of course, the comedy – something without which a Punjabi film is incomplete. The cleverly-written dialogues take the film to dizzying new heights.

So what is it that’s missing?

It takes a lot of time for the character transformation to take place, almost the entire first half. How we wished we could see the more well-meaning Bhalwan Singh, the man of true strength and fortitude for a longer time. Though Ranjit Bawa rocked as a comedian too, but this film being his solo film as a hero should’ve established him as the ‘real hero’ quickly, in a more effective way. Perhaps, the makers intended to keep the film a light-hearted affair instead of churning out a tear-jerking intense saga.

Nevertheless, Sukhraj Singh’s story, backed by Param Shiv’s amazing direction, manages to create magic on screen that the fans of Punjabi cinema can’t afford to miss! A heartwarming tale of a simple village boy transforming into a man of true strength will surely appeal to audiences worldwide.

Rating: 3.5/5