Lahoriye Review: Truly A Delightful Experience That Touches Your Soul

Love stories continue to be the favorite of masses. From a clichéd romance to a cross-border love affair, if there’s a love story with a big heart, people find an instant connect with it and forget the boundaries set by the rational mind. Lahoriye is a classical example of a heartfelt love story packed with lots of warmth and ample dose of Punjabi culture when ‘political borders’ existed only in the mind and not the ‘heart’.

Deftly written, directed and produced by Amberdeep Singh, ‘Lahoriye’ comes under the banner of Rhythm Boyz Entertainment, that have earlier dished out blockbusters like Angrej, Love Punjab and Bambukat. Living 100% up to the expectations, ‘Lahoriye’ has all the ingredients to become another unforgettable film in the history of Ballewood, that one can enjoy with their family even 20 years down the line.

This is a classic movie that you cannot afford to miss if you want a glimpse of the time when despite the partition, people still longed for each other and as shown in the movie, even after decades of separation, the bond of friendship could never be broken.

Presenting a healthy mix of both fun and poignant moments, Lahoriye’s highlights remain its impeccable screenplay, first-rate performances, superb dialogues and of course, the music!

In fact, the performances are so enchanting that it seems that each and every actor has poured their heart out into their roles and given their all to it. Amrinder Gill’s KIKKAR SINGH remains with you even after you exit the cinema hall and this man’s charm, grace and charisma stays with you much, much after that. There are so many moments in the film when you can’t help but join your hands for a big applause for Gill and his natural chemistry with Sargun Mehta (AMEERAN) feels like a benediction to the soul! The way their eyes meet, their cute dialogues, some very heartbreaking moments and much more - everything becomes such a beautiful form of entertainment! Sargun has proved once again that she’s here to stay in Punjabi cinema for long and there’s nothing that she cannot accomplish as an actress.

For the fans of Yuvraj Hans, there’s great news! In our opinion, Yuvraj has got the role of his lifetime and he should thank Amberdeep for the same! He looks so handsome, cute and so much ‘in the form’. Guggu Gill steals your heart with his small and powerful role and his dialogue – ‘Assi Lahoriye Hunde Haan’ is one of the high points of the film. Hobby Dhaliwal as Pakistani chaudhary is daunting yet likeable and Nimrat Khaira’s debut didn’t feel like her debut at all. She is so natural and effortlessly slips into her role. Sardar Sohi and Nirmal Rishi prove that they are perfect actors and their roles in Lahoriye will be remembered for long. Last but not the least, our man Amberdeep himself comes in a little yet pivotal role and sets the tone of the movie to a new level!

Rest of the cast does full justice to their roles as well. Once again Jatinder Shah’s music transports you to a different realm and helps you feel the emotions experienced by the characters. ‘Akhar’ remains my favorite and the way it’s sung and written is beautiful as well!

Overall, our suggestion is to leave everything else this weekend and just go for ‘Lahoriye’ with your entire family! You would thank us for this suggestion and the filmmakers for whipping such a wonderful concoction of emotions, family values and Punjabi culture!

Ballewood Rating: 4/5