Sardaarji 2 - 5 Reasons Why You Must Watch it!

Now that it is June 24, and the wait is finally over! Sardaarji 2 is released across the globe and is the first Punjabi movie to get the widest screening of 350 screens in India and 200 overseas. Produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu of White hall productions and directed by Rohit Jugraj, Sardaarji 2 – starring Monica Gill, Sonam Bajwa and Diljit Dosanjh will definitely take you to an eternal ride on the sprawling fields of Punjab. Let me tell you, my theatre was houseful. So, we bring to you five reasons why you should book your tickets for Sardaarji 2. 
1.The theme – Sardaarji 2 revolves around the life of a progressive farmer of Punjab, it very well portrays the joys and hardships that comes across in his life. It focuses on how farmers get trapped into debt trap, and suicide turns out to be their last resort. Highly touched by this menace ever since childhood, Jaggi grows up into a responsive and courageous farmer. Te oh apne yaaran layi, te apne pind layi jaan vi de sakda ae. The movie has rich and meaningful content, and it’s theme makes Sardaarji 2 a different entity in the Punjabi cinema industry. His journey portrays him as a Safal Kissan Awardee, an ice cream seller, a philanthropist who saves an orphanage from being sold, a noble sikh and how can we forget , a Jalandar Doordarshan da fan.
2.Jaggi Khoowala – Prior to the impressive Bollywood debut, Udta Punjab – Diljit Dosanjh has come up with an entirely new avatar. He is a joyful and dauntless progressive farmer, who grows unusually big vegetables and makes headlines across the globe for his hardwork. Diljit’s triple role by the end, is certainly something fascinating which obviously means triple comedy and triple fun. He moves abroad to earn 1.5 crore, to save his village from the tight fists of the demon. Te kudi begair taan gall bandi he nahi na, Monica Gill and Sonam Bajwa turn to be his love interest there. He leaves no stone unturned to earn the money and help them. Judo karate toh leke vyaah tudhaun layi, he turns out to be her partner in crime.However, Preeto remains his first and last love. His finely ripped body, mesmerizing acting skills and  humor makes Sardaarji 2 a must watch.
3.True essence of Punjab – Although the shooting of the movie has taken place in Sydney, there is no denial in the fact that Sardaarji 2 showcases the true spirit of Punjab, and their farmers. From the luscious fields, pind da bachpan, kheti, bhangra and paranthe to the big fat Punjabi wedding – Sardaarji 2 will surely make you proud of being a Punjabi. It is a matter of pride that, the movie exhibited 2500 old farmers of Punjab featuring in the title song of the movie.
4.Family packed film – Sardaarji 2 puts a halt to those stereotypical movies which only speaks of crime, abuse and delusion. It is a perfect bag for a family, with dollops of laughter, unique storyline, rich content, astonishing performances and unusual suspense. Jaggi’s hapless love story, Teja’s not so scary mafia avtar,  Pathan who never went to Peshawar and Mama, mami te shiny da pyaar is something that will keep you laughing till your stomach hurts.
5.An ode to all the farmersKyuki kisaan di zindagi wich manoranjan vi bauhat zaroori aa, said Jaggi Khoowala. Sardaarji 2 is an ode to all those hard-working farmers who work day and night on the sprawling and luscious green fields of Punjab.
You haven’t still booked your ticket? Hurry! And get ready to experience this movie full of unadulterated frolic and entertainment. Loki kehnde ae Jaggi kamla aa, tussi ki kehnde oh ? Oh and by the way, Sardaar de agge kadi ji lagana na bhuleyo!
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