Kaptaan Review: A Thriller with Emotions

Effectively portraying the sad state of affairs where evidence can be manipulated, witnesses can be bought and the best lawyers can be hired by wealthy to help them get away scot-free, Punjabi movie Kaptaan is a brand new addition to the new-age concept-based Punjabi cinema!

Gippy Grewal, in his highly endearing and impressive avatar not only makes us laugh with his trademark comic timing but also makes us clap hard with his intense performance as an honest lawyer. He is sweet, fun-loving and ruthless at the same time. Director Mandeep Kumar’s Kaptaan does full justice to the powerhouse of talent that he is, while telling a crisp and unique story that keeps us hooked to the screen till the very last frame.

As far as the plot is concerned, Kaptaan Singh Grewal (Gippy Grewal) is a lawyer, who is constantly losing cases but when he’s given an opportunity to marry his childhood sweetheart (Karishma Kotak) and move to the US, a condition is laid in front of him that he has to win at least one case before getting his desires fulfilled. Through his friend (Monica Gill), who works in an NGO, he finally gets a case to try his luck on. This is a case of Sukhdev Singh (Daljinder Basran), who is fighting for justice as his own family refuses to identify him and declares him dead.


Fortunately, without wasting much time in any melodrama, the director brings the film to the track quickly and a powerful courtroom drama begins. So, what makes this drama a riveting watch? Some extraordinary performances, witty dialogues (sometimes not fully understandable but we liked them coz they sound good! ;)), crisp editing and of course the way Mandeep Kumar has set up the face-off scenes between Gippy and Pankaj Dheer (Dhillon, the biggest and craftiest lawyer around). The film thrives on their superb chemistry, supported by effective dialogues. Pankaj Dheer for sure, makes for a truly contemptible high-profile lawyer!

Another strong point in the film is the introduction of the mute character, the only witness of the despicable act. (Can’t reveal much right now!!) The entire scene is brilliant and extremely well conceptualized; Something totally new to be seen in Punjabi cinema and deserves a big applause! The brilliant use of graphics and great editing move the story forward in a ‘goose-bumpingly’ interesting way. 

The review would be incomplete without the mention of superb performance by Daljinder Basran. He surely steals your heart with his honest performance. Kanwaljit, a brilliant Hindi TV actor, who returns to Punjabi cinema after a long time, offers a very sensible performance as well.

Talking about the flip side, fortunately the film doesn’t have much. But yes, the film could have seriously avoided making the heroines look like showpieces. Monica Gill’s role doesn’t have much other than offering enough glimpse into her cleavage and long bare thighs. Her look and the character she plays are totally out of sync, and Karishma Kotak has got nothing to do in the film. As much as my feminine side felt happy watching one after another some good-looking and talented men in the film, the feminist in me cringed at the way female actors were given roles. But that's not a problem with Kaptaan, this is how it is in Punjabi cinema usually. 

For those who think the film is inspired by Jolly LLB, our answer is NO. Apart from being a courtroom drama as the common theme, we don’t find much similarity there. But yes, the dialogue writer of Kaptaan surely was inspired from Jolly LLB, as during the climax one of Gippy’s line is almost the Punjabi version of Saurabh Shukla (the Judge in Jolly LLB). Which one? Go figure yourself ..watch the film! ;)

Overall, however, Kaptaan impresses for the way it avoids all frills while giving you a superbly enjoyable watch!

Ballewood Rating: 3.5/5