Vaisakhi List - A typical Punjabi laughter-riot

After receiving some good stuff from Punjabi cinema lately, we already had much to celeberate the auspicious festival of Vaisakhi but Jimmy shergill teamed up with Smeep Kang for post Vaisakhi celebrations in our cinema halls to offer something more! Now, to find out whether this Vaisakhi party is really enjoyable or not we went to watch 'Vaisakhi List.

Vaisakhi List is story of two Punjabi men who are convicted for small crimes and put behind the bars. The character of Sunil Grover has already tried twice to escape but failed every time, however, this time he has big plans, so he takes Jimmy Sheirgill also along with him. After the success in this escape they get to know that they are being released the next day from the prison. What happens next? For that you will have to watch Vaisakhi List. 

vaisakhi list

Sunil Grover had garnered a lot of spotlight before the release of the film, but sadly, the the film he has not done anything out of the box to make use of this immenese powerhouse of talent. Jimmy Shergil, being a class-apart actor, has done justice to his character but there's nothing really memorable about his character. He plays what he been given - nothing extraordinary! Shruti Sodhi matches to the tunes of Jimmy and is decent enough to watch. Highlight of the film has inarguably, been Jaswinder Bhalla, whose comedy timing is just perfect and his chemistry with B.N. Sharma provides oodles of laughter. Rana Ranbir and Binnu Dhillon get to play very small roles, still Binnu manages to get claps from the audience despite his limited screen presence.

Star cast of Vaisakhi List 

Vaisakhi List carries the essence of typical Smeep Kang films but despite the cliched formulaic treatment, the film doesn't fail to entertain, though we feel Smeep Kang could have made this film little more crisper because when the things get really predictable, you can’t wait for long. Moreover, being the captain of the ship, Smeep should've made proper use of resources and talent like Sunil Grover. Somehow, Smeep stood weak in this area.  

Music is average but one song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is soothing and remains with you even after making the exit from the cinema halls. 

Overall, Vaisakhi List carries sufficient dose of entertainment. Film feels little dragged but comedy will make you feel happy throughout the film. If you love to laugh on the jokes and witty one-liners by Jaswinder Bhalla, and like to watch light-hearted movies with family, then go for it.

Our Rating: 3/5

About Author: Bhavneet Kaushal is a journalist and film critic. You can follow him at