Why Everyone's Raving About 'Rabb Da Radio'?

It's very common in Punjabi cinema to draw conclusions about the success of a film based on its opening day or first week collections! But it's very rare that a film's success is measured based on the number of shows it gets reduced or 'increased' to in the second week! 'Rabb Da Radio', a Punjabi movie, released on 31st March (directed by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal & Harry Bhatti) is one of those few films which has seen a spectacular rise in the number of shows it has been given in the 'second week' in some of the major cities of Punjab, including Tricity! According to Bookmyshow its second week shows are now 68 per day which speaks volumes about the phenonmenal success that the movie has achieved. With no fancy starcast and extensive promotions, the movie's success in both urban as well as rural areas, proves that 'Content is the King' and nothing works better than the 'word-of-mouth'.

As we are quite late now to post a review, we take a look at a few reasons as to why everyone is praising about RABB DA RADIO, a film directed by debutante Tarnvir Singh Jagpal/Harry Bhatti and stars Tarsem Jassar in the lead, a famous Punjabi singer who makes his acting debut with this flick. The movie stars Mandy Takhar and Simmi Chahal as female leads, both contributing humongously towards the success of the film. 

1. Real Punjab: Although the film rests on the much 'in-demand' formula of success that Punjabi cinema has discovered after the success of Angrej in 2015 (presenting the 'real Punjabi culture & essence' of Punjab), but the treatment given here is very different and the story is an altogether unique one - Interesting, sweet, gripping till the very end, and an amazing joyride, emotionally! 

2. Powerful chemistry between the Female Leads: Perhaps Mandy Takhar wouldn't have looked this prettier in any of her flicks before as she does in 'Rabb Da Radio'. We must say that this UK born actress's choice of films is getting better by the day and after displaying a powerful performance in 'Ardaas' last year, she again picks up a role that does true justice to her talent. She looks like a true 'Punjaban' and exhibits an applause-worthy performance. Simmi Chahal lives upto the expectations that she generated after Bambukat, and proves why she totally deserved the Filmfare award that she recently got. Her character is so sweet and naive that you cannot stop but fall in love with her innocence . Above all, the chemistry that these "Nanad-Bhabhi' share with eachother is the highlight of the film and takes 'Rabb Da Radio' to dizzying heights. 

3. Tarsem Jassar's honest performance: Being a newcomer in acting, Jassar does a decent job. No wonder his almost cult-like following in Punjab has given a great boost to the excellent box office figures and his honest portrayal of the character wins many a heart too.

4. Unique Concept: Many punjabi films have dealt with the olden days of punjab and have gotten a great response. Rabb da radio has also taken the same path but as mentioned earlier, the concept is so unique and in just two hours the film glides through a gamut of human relations and associated emotions. It deftly deals with subjects like conflict between siblings, love, jealousy among one's own relatives, and most importantly the innocence which people used to have in the era goneby. 

So, have you seen Rabb Da Radio as yet? If not, this is one Punjabi film that you must not miss at any cost! You'll be pleasantly surprised with the ethnic splendour, the naivety of characters, charming female leads and of course, the authentic portrayal of rich culture of Punjab, we promise! 

(With inputs by Monita Sharma)