5 Reasons Why We Love Gippy Paaji!

Gippy Grewal, the desi rockstar, very well understands the importance of craftsmanship and his mesmerizing acting skills make him capable of pulling the audience to the theatres effortlessly. From producing out-of-the-box movies to making the world tap their toes on Punjabi beats, Gippy Grewal never ceases to amaze his fans across the globe.

There is no denying the fact, that we couldn’t stop laughing till our belly hurt while watching 'Carry on Jatta'. Highly influenced by his acting skills and his love for cultural legacy of Punjab, we look forward to his much awaited movie – Manje Bistre (relelasing on 14th April) now! But before that, we present to you five reasons why we love our Gippy Paaji so much!

1. Proud of being a Punjabi – The foremost reason which motivates us to write about him is that, he is a proud Punjabi. Ambulating from Koom Kalan, Ludhiana he has never been apart from the roots of Punjab. No matter in which part of the globe he resides in, he is never afraid to flaunt his desi look and speak in Punjabi and moreover, he has never lost his modesty to his fame.

2. Out-of-the-box movies – He not only meets the benchmark of the Punjabi industry, but also bursts the stereotypical bubble of movies, and comes up with innovative ventures which is clearly evident by his super hit movies like Carry on Jatta, Mirza, Singh vs Kaur and Jatt James Bond. Not only this, he is one actor who assures that the Punjabi culture is never ignored in his movies, which is clearly evident in his upcoming Punjabi movie – Manje Bistre!

3. Socially active – Gippy Grewal is always socially active on portals like Facebook and Instagram, in order to ensure his fans about his well-being and thank them for their unanticipated love and support.

4. Music like never before – The rhythmic melody of Gippy Grewal’s songs is something will definitely make you tap toes. This desi rockstar has been one of the pillars Punjabi music industry, who extended his musical repertoire to Bollywood as well, with his songs like Angreji Beat and Khulke Dulke. And now with his upcoming Bollywood film with Farhan Akhtar (Lucknow Central), we are sure his popularity will reach new heights. 

5. Appreciates the talented youth – Not only does the desi rockstar appreciate the young talent by sharing their videos on his social media portals but, he has also has lended his support to ‘My dream academy’, to provide a platform to the Punjabi youth to enhance their acting skills.