Enhance your appetite for love with chocolate nail makeovers at Cleopatra

Richa Aggarwal beauty & makeover expert Cleopatra beauty wellness & makeovers launched edible chocolate nail art and makeovers marking celebration of Valentine in the city.

Occasion saw showcasing of creative chocolate nails and makeovers by Bahaar Chawla. Harveen kathuria with Richa Aggarwal created vivid themes & theme love of Archies & Veronica mesmerised all. Richa Aggarwal said, "Now youngsters can turn their nails into monitor of their heart with chocolate nail makeovers. They can Go starry eyed, have romantic & chocolaty fling with their nails."

Cleopatra Valentine 2

The event aimed at draping all lovers in the city in a swathe of love. "We at Cleopatra have designed interesting aphrodisiac chocolate concoctions for the nails to leave everyone soaked in the spirit of valentine. Chocolate indulgence will butter you up with vivid shades and hues and top them with cheesy accents that capture essence of valentine. Turn your nails into monitor of your heart thats filled with love & romance", informed Richa.