Why Nirmal Rishi Opted For This Role in 'Dangal'?

Nirmal Rishi, a well-known name in the Punjabi film industry, who has played prominent roles in films like Ardaas, Love Punjab etc was also seen in the recently released Hindi film, Dangal. 

While Dangal has set up new benchmarks in the world of Indian cinema owing to its captivating story, awe-inspiring performances and down-to-earth approach, yet it's hard to figure out why Nirmal Rishi, an actress who plays significant roles in Punjabi films opted for such a hardly-noticeable role in Aamir Khan's Dangal. 

She just got to utter one dialogue in the film with Sakshi Tanwar, who played the role of Aamir's wife in the film. With a theatre career spanning almost half a century, Ludhiana-based Nirmal Rishi has acted in around 50 plays and has been honoured with various awards. 

Nirmal Rishi

Though many other Punjabi actors have got a chance to act in this superbly-made film for small roles, but we are not too happy with Nirmal Rishi, a towering figure of Punjabi cinema, choosing to come for a blink-and-miss appearance in a Hindi movie. 

What do you guys think? 

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