We Found Gippy Grewal's Look Alike in Hollywood! Do You Agree?

Have you ever seen a doppelganger (read, humshakkal) of your favorite hero, your friend or your girlfriend (this might have been dangerous), while wandering down the lane or while stalking Pammi aunty ki beti on Facebook?

Well, neurobiologists claim there’s a fairly decent chance of having 7 doppelgangers of a person across the globe. And if you’re lucky enough, you might even find one!

And guess what? The desi rockstar of the Ballewood industry has been lucky enough on the similar terms. Yes, you read it right. We have spotted the look alike of the versatile Punjabi actor and singer, Gippy Grewal after moving across the seven seas and the melting glaciers.

Okay fine, hun zyada suspense na create karde hoye we are going to tell you with pride that the look alike of Gippy Grewal, is none other than the very talented American actor and singer, Benjamin Geza Affleck Boldt, who is better known as Ben Affleck.

Like our Gippy, Ben has many awards for his mesmerizing acting skills, and has starred in various high profile movies like Shakespeare in love, Pearl Harbour, Argo and the Gone Girl.

So, if you take into consideration his eyes (in which any girl could drown) and his perfectly carved chin and face cut, you could easily figure out that he is almost the look-alike of our favorite Punjabi superstar, Gippy Grewal. What say? Take a look at these pictures below and decide for yourself who is Ben and who is Gippy!!