Maan Saab Finally Finds Him After 34 Years!!

Gurdas Mann is a legend, not only at singing but also at his heart.

This is clearly evident from a video that he recently uploaded on Facebook, which spoke about philanthropy. While reminiscing back to 1982-84, when Gurdas Mann went to Fresno (California) for one of his shows, a devoted fan who eagerly wanted to see him perform couldn't reach there as he met with an accident.

As soon as Gurdas Mann got to know about this incident, he wrote a letter to that boy hoping for his well-being. Years later, when Gurdas Mann again intends to visit the same placce, he uploaded this video requesting help from his followers to help him find that man as he will be performing there on 31st July.

Help me find him

Please Help

Posted by Gurdas Maan on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gurdas Mann's video really showed how badly he desires to meet that man. 

And guess what? He even found him. How do we know? Take a look: 

1Gurdas Maan Fresno video