Watch Diljit Dosanjh Playing Kabaddi Here!

Diljit Dosanjh is a multi-talented personality that Punjab is so proud to have been blessed with!

Apart from being a great actor, singer, anchor and of course a brilliant human being, Diljit Dosanjh is also a great 'kabaddi' player!

Though in recent interviews, he told media that he has played kabaddi only as a kid but he would surely love to do a film based on Punjab's very popular sport, Kabaddi! 

“I would love to do a movie based on our desi sports kabbadi or hockey. I guess I can play these games and do the justice to them. If there is a nice story,I will surely take up the project. I know I will enjoy doing such film,” Diljit told PTI.

Take a look at this Video wherein Diljit Dosanjh plays with the Kabaddi team that he's supporting called Dabang Delhi KC Team in Pro Kabaddi League 2016. You're surely going to LOVE him even more!