Hard Kaur - Punjabi Movie Reviews : Public Take!

As the much-awaited Punjabi movie, Hard Kaur released on December 15, 2017, the audience couldn't resist from appreciating the growth of Punjabi film industry for producing movies with such an influencing message.

With a bold story-line set in Punjab, the movie aesthetically speaks volumes about the result of sidelining the contributions made by the vivacious lionesses of the state. With the bit to better and empower the “The life of our women”, the movie is a staunch attempt to make their bravery a regular part of our day to day life.

"I'd like to rate the movie as 5/5, because I feel really inspired after watching Hard Kaur and the message that the movie gives is something that the world needs to know. As a whole, it was an intriguing movie", said Jagjit from Ludhiana.

"I came here to watch the movie with my mother, and we both really liked it. We feel happy to see the Punjabi film industry focus on such important issues prevailing in the society.", said Prabhleen Kaur from Ludhiana.

Speaking about the strong portrayal of the characters in the movie, Ashutosh from Chandigarh said, "The storyline was really thought evoking and all the actors did justice to the same. However, Nirmal Rishi ji and Drishtii Grewal added more valour & strength to the movie."

With just one day past the release of the movie, Hard Kaur has been receiving a great response from the audience. The immensely connecting storyline keeps the viewers glued till the end, making it a must watch!

The movie stars veteran actress, Nirmal Rishi alongside Drishtii Grewal, Deana Uppal, Neet Kaur, Swati Bakshi, Chetainnya Kanhai, Tanvisr Singh, and Shashi Kiran in lead roles.

Ajit R. Rajpal is the Director & Writer of the movie. It is produced by Delhiwood Studios Pvt. Ltd and is distributed by White Hill Studios.  

Our take: 3.5/5