Director Ajit R. Rajpal Provides an Insight into His Upcoming Movie, Hard Kaur

Tomorrow is the BIG day for Punjabi cinema as the first ever Punjabi film on WOMEN EMPOWERMENT will hit the silver screen called Hard Kaur. The film has already set the social media ablaze with its enticing trailer and subject matter. So, we speak to the brain behind this movie, Ajit R. Rajpal (Writer and Director) to know more!

while speaking exclusively to, Ajit said, "Hard Kaur is not a movie, in fact, it's a story of every house of Punjab, where there is a Kaur who is blessed with an indomitable will. It's a story of every girl, and portrays the intrinsic strength that every woman possesses whether she realises it or not".

Indeed, this line of the film, "Mere naal tu panga na le, je main apne te aagyi taan teri kher nahi", clearly seconds Ajit's statement.

Speaking about the storyline of the movie he says, “This is a story of a Kaur who is a School teacher from Patiala traveling every day in a Local Bus from “Daonkala to Rajpura Bypass”. She comes across a Super Rich boy from Haryana and how her life changes in a Murder which takes place on a running bus, is what the film is all about. When the innocent girl gets trapped and becomes helpless in front of the Power, how the other 4 Kaur’s of Punjab unite and saves the girl by bringing justice to her, is something to watch out for. I am sure, this shall end up motivating millions of girls across the globe and making every Indian proud is the film."

When asked about the significance of the title of the movie he said, “The reason behind titling the movie as ‘Hard Kaur’ was that, when these 5 Kaurs will join hands to fight for justice, they’ll speak of valor and strength. That is how we decided to coin the movie as, ‘Hard Kaur’.”

“This venture aims to awaken the dormant “spirit” lying in our women, entertainingly”, quoted Ajit R. Rajpal when asked about the reason behind writing & directing Hard Kaur.

The movie stars veteran actress, Nirmal Rishi alongside Drishtii Grewal, Deana Uppal, Neet Kaur, and Swati Bakshi in lead roles. It is produced by Delhiwood Studios Pvt. Ltd and is distributed by White Hill Studios. The film releases tomorrow i.e. 15th Decemeber! Do watch it and support Punjabi cinema! 

Enjoy the trailer: 

Song: Jion Di Aas Hai Tu