We’re Eagerly Waiting For this Upcoming Punjabi Movie!

Bygone are the days when the Punjabi film industry was all about comedy and period films. The industry is growing effortlessly and so is the content & message associated with the same. The production houses are investing in movies with a unique storyline and the Punjab film industry is moving towards a sound footing on the map of world cinema. Another such movie which is certain to top the list of Punjabi blockbusters is the upcoming production by Delhiwood Studios Pvt. Ltd, Hard Kaur.

With a bold story-line set in one of the greatest states that is reckoned to create the most women warriors ever; the movie aesthetically speaks volumes about the result of sidelining the contributions made by the vivacious lionesses of Punjab. With the bit to better and empower the “ The life of our women”, the movie is a staunch attempt to make their bravery a regular part of our day to day life.

The Punjabi film, Hard Kaur features “5 Sikhnis” from 5 Different cities of Punjab who go through agony; but win over all the hardships by uniting together as one, which aptly justifies the title of the movie, “Hard Kaur”.

Today’s woman is tough, ambitious and radical. She knows what she wants, and even better, she is well aware of what she does not. If they do not get their share of power, they are bold enough to take it. Today’s woman is gallantry & no affluent can tame it, and this is clearly evident in the movie, Hard Kaur. We appreciate the efforts of the entire team and truly look forward to watching this valiant film, which is scheduled to hit the theatres on December 15, 2017. See you there!