10 Reasons Why Gippy Grewal Is a True Rock Star

Punjabis are known for their grandeur and luxury, and Mr. Rupinder Singh Grewal famously known as Gippy Grewal is a true example of it. The 34 years old actor, singer, director and producer is a true rock star who makes his own desi entity in the industry, which can’t keep people away from loving him. So, we bring to you 10 reasons why Gippy Grewal is a true rock star. 

1. Proud of being a Punjabi – The foremost reason which motivates us to write about him is that, he is a proud Punjabi. Ambulating from Koom Kalan, Ludhiana he has never been apart from the roots of Punjab. No matter in which part of the globe he resides in, he is never afraid to flaunt his desi look.

2. Truly modest and down-to-earth – Gippy Grewal has been a rising star of the Punjabi industry. However, he has never lost his modesty to his fame.

3. Makes movies out of the bubble – He not only meets the benchmark of the Punjabi industry, but also bursts the stereotypical bubble of movies, and comes up with innovative ventures which is clearly evident by his super hit movies like Jatt James Bond, Lucky Di Unlucky Story, Ardaas, Faraar, Singh vs Kaur and so on
4. Desi rockstar – Gippy Grewal has channeled his passion into new avenues, with his own desi signature style which magnets his fans the most.

5. Yaaran da yaar –He is the apple of the eyes of various artists of the Punjabi industry and receives the much deserving love and respect from everyone. He is one artist who apart from promoting his own work on his FB page, also promotes his fellow mates and upcoming artistes’ work as well!

6. An optimistic at heart – Everyone makes mistakes, but the one who learns from them and moves ahead on this path of life reaches the apex of success, and Gippy Grewal is one of those optimistic individuals.

7. Appreciates the talented youth – Highly appreciative of the talented youth of the country, Gippy Grewal has opened his own production house, Humble Motion Pictures to provide a platform to the Punjabi youth.

8. Beats that will get you moving – The rhythmic melody of Gippy Grewal’s songs will definitely get you moving to the dance floor. He has been the pioneer of the Punjabi industry, who extended his musical repertoire to Bollywood, with his songs like Angreji Beat. And you know what? He is not a professionally trained, but a natural born singer.

9. Love and affection towards his fans – He is one the rare actors who have been in constant contact with his fans, especially through updating them about his latest happenings on social media.

10. Legacy of craftsmanship – Gippy Grewal understands the importance of craftsmanship, his mesmerizing acting skills makes him capable of pulling the audience to the theatres, and producers willing to invest in his movies. There is no denial in the fact, that we couldn’t stop laughing till our belly hurt while watching Carry on Jatta. Highly influenced by his acting skills, we look forward to his all geared movie – Desi rockstar 2!