8 Reasons why Diljit Dosanjh is the 'Pride' of Punjab?

Diljit Dosanjh has been one of the most shining actors of the Punjabi industry, he lies in the heart of every Punjabi. So, we bring to you 8 reasons why he is the pride of Punjab.

1. His journey from rock-bottom to the top – Penetrating from the interiors of village ‘Dosanjh kalan’, (Jalandhar) the actor has proved his worth not only in the Punjabi industry, but has also made his fans proud by his jaw-dropping entrance into the Bollywood. While there may be many Punjabis in Bollywood but Diljit Dosanjh’s entry as a mainstream hero here is special because he is the first home-grown actor who contributed enough to the Punjabi cinema before jumping into Bollywood. 

2. He promotes his team as much as he promotes himself: Team spirit is something we can learn from Diljit big time! How many of us know about the stylists and personal photographers, video editors etc of other Punjabi artistes? Not many I guess. But names like Gurdas Media Works (his photographers), Gurpratap Kang (stylist) and how can we forget, ‘Little Money’ (assistant)– have almost become household names for Diljit’s fans!

3. Acting which can spearhead a super hit – Diljit Dosanjh is very well capable of pulling the audience to the theatre with his amazing acting skills. His successful movies like Jatt and Juliet, Jihne mera dil luteya, Punjab 1984, Sardaar ji and Ambarsariya bagged him many awards in the industry and have been appreciated by critics and public alike!

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4. Songs which cannot let your feet off the dance floor – He has given vocals to one of the best soundtracks of the music industry with innovative ideas and music image by euphonious songs like , Panj Taara, Patiala Peg, Veervaar, Lakk 28 kudi da and of course, Nachdi aa alarh kuwaariyan – a MUST in Punjabi weddings.

5. Loves his fans as much as they love him – Lately, while shooting in Australia the actor was greeted by several fans at the airport. He spared out time from his busy schedule and personally greeted them, by spending an hour of chit-chat. The actor has always been active on social media to keep his fans updated. Fans eagerly await his snapchat stories and Insta updates.

6. Philanthropist – Beneath the skin of this adorable actor, lies a philanthropist. Diljit Donsanjh started Saanjh Foundation on his birthday in 2013, the NGO provides aid to senior citizens, underprivileged citizens, self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring and career development.

7 Style-icon of the industry – Diljit Dosanjh has been the sexiest guys of the industry since time immemorial.
The recently posted picture of his ripped physique proves the same. The Punjabi actor had undergone intensive training for about six months, under the arduous training techniques of Ranbir Kapoor’s trainer Pradeep Bhatia, who voluntarily helped Diljit Dosanjh in attaining his new ripped physique, for the actor’s much awaited Bollywood debut.

8. He’s a super-hero in reality – While other actors perform those audacious stunts to guard their heroines on screen, packed with safety measures. The actor recently proved to be a super-hero in reality when his co-star Sonam Bajwa got struck in fire while rehearsing for a dance sequence, in Australia. He made precise use of his presence of mind and courageously helped in saving Sonam Bajwa and the other crew members from any unforeseen damage. 

Well, you cannot just deny your love for this adorable actor. Isn’t it?