5 Things That We Totally Loved in Kaptaan

Punjabi film Kaptaan, directed by Mandeep Kumar and starring Gippy Grewal in the lead, has raised the bar for Punjabi cinema. It’s a brilliant addition to the new-age concept-based Punjabi cinema which is being loved by all the Punjabis worldwide. Here are FIVE things that we truly LOVED about KAPTAAN. Check out: 

1.Gippy Grewal
Before the release of Kaptaan, there had been a lot of speculation about our Desi Rockstar, Gippy Grewal but Kaptaan has proved what a brilliant performer he is! Kaptaan is not just a great come back by him but also a bang on answer to the people who didn’t believe in him. Gippy has performed incredibly well in this movie. Be it his impeccable facial expressions, perfect dialogue delivery and effortless charm, the actor is lovable in every way in Kaptaan.


Dialogues always play an important role in the film and this was taken very seriously in Kaptaan. Penned by Balraj Syal and Surmeet Mavi, the dialogues of the film kept us glued to the movie. Sometimes, we did not understand all the innuendos, but “Maza bahut aya”!! So a big thumbs up there!

3. The Chemistry
The antagonistic chemistry between Kaptaan and Advocate Dhillon is one of the major highlights of the film. The way director Mandeep Kumar created this with the brilliant use of dialogues and apt timing is marvelous. There’s no way that one can’t enjoy it. Also, the chemistry between Kaptaan and Balli is also amazing and keeps you entertained throughout.

5 things loved in kaptaan

4. Story
A good story is the backbone of any film and mostly it is missing in many Punjabi or even Bollywood movies but Kaptaan scores brownie points in this department. Dheeraj Rattan has shown why he is the no. 1 story and screenplay writer in Punjabi cinema. We assure you that when you will come out of the theatre after watching Kaptaan, you will call your friends and ask them to watch it ASAP.

5.Brilliant direction and Balance
Balance is required in our lives as well in the movies and Kaptaan offers a wonderful balance of comedy and thrill. There are lots of twists in the movie but still the movie doesn’t lose on its entertainment/comic quotient. Full points to the director who did not let things go “aivein hi”. He extracted the best out of his starcast and turned this brilliant story into a wonderful cinematic experience.