'Jazbaati' Diljit shares Pearls of Wisdom

Aah..We know him as one full-of-life personality who believes in sharing happiness and making the best of every moment! Be it Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, this man, seemingly, lives and celebrates life to the fullest, picking the best from every moment and sharing it with those who apparently matter to him the most - his FANS!!

But last night was a total surprise for most of his followers and Diljit hearwarmingly opened up a side of his, which had been mostly obscure till now. The megastar, shared some of important life lessons on Twitter, which we believe are sheer PEARLS of wisdom! This man surely has a knack of communicating Complex Life philosohpy in a very simple and practical way. There's so much to learn from him! See below: 


Oh well! We don't fully agree with this, Diljit! Though we know being 'literate' is vital for an individual's growth but we don't believe that 'formal education' makes anyone better! You are a school of thought in yourself. Your Wisdom and intelligence is unmatched! WE believe a Harvard Case Study needs to be done on you studying how you managed to emerge a mega-star without losing your innocence and kindness at all. You have faced hardships in life and emerged as victorious! Please don't ever 'regret' anything. We love you the way you are!


This is what we are dying to learn from you Diljit! Thank you for giving us your FORMULA for Success! :)


This post is a stroke of a Genius that you are! Criticism is important! Criticism makes you grounded! But hardwork can easily overcome that too. 


Yeah finally, thank you for giving a glimpse of how much you care for your fans! Ahem....Amazon naal vigaado na... Kal nu Endorsement karni pae sakdi hai... ;)

We wish you all the best Mr. Dosanjh! You are an amazing soul and we love you the way you are. Thanks a ton for these amazing posts. We are happy to see this side of yours! 


LOVE you all the more, you Hottie! XOXO