Politics in Entertainment? What a joke!

There's definitely no doubt, that the kind of impact popular media can create in the society, is something beyond measure. If Entertainment media has a social cause beneath its surface, it's like what we say in Hindi, 'sone pe suhaga'. But strangely, some people have got problem with this too, and the judgements are formed even before seeing the full content! 

Punjab has wholeheartedly accepted songs which have boasted alcohol, Drugs and 'Maar dhaad' in the past. Be it any top singer, there would hardly be anyone out there, who hasn't sung anything related to 'daaru' in his singing career. Most of the times, people don't get offended. However, now that Diljit Dosanjh's debut Bollywood movie is promising to bring forth the disturbing reality of drug-addiction amongst the youth in Punjab, some political leaders have strangely got problems with it!

According to these leaders, such films might affect the 'so-called' good reputation of the State. And these protectors of the State have now found a unique way to carry out their operations - the easiest one, yes -'Blame-Game'.

UDTA-PUNJAB-11.jpg(Indian Express)

That's not it! Poor Diljit Dosanjh is being criticized  for being part of this flick as, according to certain people, he himself has promoted liquor in some of his previous songs. But wait, is Diljit Dosanjh the producer of this film? Why don't you directly call Anurag Kashyap (producer of Udta Punjab) or Abhishek Choubey, the director of the film to get their facts clarified, in case you have any complaints. In case Diljit sang songs in the past, which you had problems with, why didn't you raise your voice then and why target  him now when he is actually playing a cop in the film and his role (as far as we understood from the trailer) is very much about bringing the perpetrators to justice! 

Perhaps, we've got an answer to this. And that's because those songs were not affecting any political party then. Udta Punjab’s content is offending the political party because elections are just round the corner and every politician is looking for an opportunity to gain mileage out of any issue, they possibly can. 


(Courtesy: Daily Post)

Diljit's criticism


(Courtesy: Daily Post)