Good Films, Bad Planning! Is Punjabi cinema ready for it?

It's not uncommon to see the releases of high-budgeted films with big superstars clashing on the same day in Bollywood. No matter how much the rivalry between the producers or stars is, we don't, however, get to see people pulling down each other there, like what's happening right now in our Punjabi film industry.

"Most of the good films fail to reach the audience." This is what we hear in Bollywood but now Punjabi cinema is also planning to hit the same string.

Punjabi cinema is already suffering lack of audiences in the theatres because of not so good content. Nowadays filmakers are trying to step out of regular comedy flicks. However, it seems that this time, content will also going to see a lack of reach since strong Punjabi films are releasing same day

Gippy Grewal is in news because of his directorial debut, Ardaas. On the other hand, Amrinder Gill is back with Sargun Mehta in 'Love Punjab. Both the films have a common theme of 'Punjabi and both of them will come face to face with each other on 11th March.

So far, so good! But the recent developments have caused a lot of tension among the fans of both the stars. A few days ago, Love Punjab's trailer got deleted by the YouTube on account of a copyright claim by Raj Kakra. Though Amrinder Gill and Raj Kakra later clarified that this was done by someone using a fake email account, (Amrinder even said that he knew who is behind this act) but the trailer remained deleted from YouTube for more than two days. The good news is that it's back now.

However, yesterday we came to know that one of Ardaas's song was also removed by Youtube, which has also thankfully, been restored now. But the most shocking of the developments was Amrinder Gill's page getting hacked as someone renaming it with a highly obnoxious name.


This act apparently, disturbed Love Punjab's writer Amberdeep quite a lot who made an upsetting post saying that he doesn't feel like working in this industry filled with cheap people.


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Interestingly,  both Amrinder and Gippy openly announced on Facebook that they know who the culprit is! Who could be the common enemy?

Having different genres these movies are going to touch different emotions of audience but they have one thing in common which is PUNJAB. Now, which Punjab is going to be entertaining for the audience, we will keep you posted about that!