Veteran Punjabi actor Mehar Mittal, who acquired legendary status with his comic roles, passed away at a hospital in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, on Saturday after prolonged illness. He was to turn 81 on October 24.

They entertained us. They brought a global flavor to the Punjabi industry. They struggled, and they succeeded! We bring to you a sneak-peak into the lives of your, and obviously our favorite artistes of the Punjabi industry.

Punjabis are known for their grandeur and luxury, and Mr. Rupinder Singh Grewal famously known as Gippy Grewal is a true example of it. The 34 years old actor, singer, director and producer is a true rock star who makes his own desi entity in the industry, which can’t keep people away from loving him. So, we bring to you 10 reasons why Gippy Grewal is a true rock star. 

It’s just one hour to go for Sunday evening to commence. After a week full of stimulating brainstorming sessions over dozens of cups of coffee, and some quality creative work, it’s that time of the week when their hearts tingle with childlike excitement, waiting to burst over what Indians love the most - a cricket match!

Diljit Dosanjh has been one of the most shining actors of the Punjabi industry, he lies in the heart of every Punjabi. So, we bring to you 8 reasons why he is the pride of Punjab.

Recently, we have seen a deluge of new Punjabi heroines being introduced to the Punjabi cinema. However, it won't be an exaggeration to say that none of them have come even an inch closer (barring say, Sargun Mehta, who I am a great admirer of) to the magic created by Neeru Bajwa on not just the Punjabi cinema screens, but in the hearts of Punjabi movie lovers across the world.

Punjabi film industry is blessed to have some incredibly versatile actors and one of them is Rana Ranbir, who is not just a brilliant thespian but an amazing poet, a writer and a doting father too!

Punjabi film Kaptaan, directed by Mandeep Kumar and starring Gippy Grewal in the lead, has raised the bar for Punjabi cinema. It’s a brilliant addition to the new-age concept-based Punjabi cinema which is being loved by all the Punjabis worldwide. Here are FIVE things that we truly LOVED about KAPTAAN. Check out: