Mirror Mirror on the wall : Whose dress is worst of all? -2

 In this section, we review outfits carried out by our 'Ballewood' stars- some of them are awful (worst), some that can be improved with minor changes here and there (better), while some that are so good that anyone wearing them simply takes million hearts away! (Best) 

Here's our Fashion Expert - Karina Bedi presenting her views on these three Ballewood heroines' outfits: 

Divya Dutta

Seems like Divya's wearing a maternity dress.The suit is over loaded with colors, patterns and gathers.The pyjami is not well fitted. Nothing seems right. (WORST)

Divya dutta Worst

Japji Khaira

The suit would have looked better without the messy border on the sleeves and hemline. However Japji manages to look gorgeous with her flower-adorned bun. (BETTER)


 Neeru Bajwa 

Neeru as always rocked the Punjabi girl look with this simple yet very elegant frock-suit.The golden neckline and border add glamour to this simple outfit. She played safe by wearing nude heels and looks absolutely gorgeous! (BEST)



 About our fashion expert: 

Karina Bedi thumbHi. I am a fashion designer. Fashion is my biggest passion & I love to adorn myself and other girls with unique fashion ideas. I love to create and hope to inspire and want to make this place fashion forward with my designs that turn heads without emptying one's pocket. 

Being a punjabi, I really want to work with Ballewood because it focuses on the Punjabi film industry, of which I'm a huge fan.

(To see Karina's latest designed outfits, take a look here at her official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/karinabedifashion