Mukesh Vohra - Ballewood's emerging comedian!

Having stepped into the world of acting at a tender age of 5, Mukesh Vohra,  (a young comedian of Ballewood who sent the audience into splits of laughter with his superb comic timing in films like Saadi Love Story and Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22) had to go through a lot of struggles to get noticed and get into the mainstream acting. From production to serving the crew, releasing comedy cassettes with the likes of Sudesh Lahri, participating in Laughter Challenge 4, and finally, a break in the movie “Taur mitran Di”, Vohra has had his shares of ups and downs. Ballewood reporter, Prakriti Malhotra, had a tete-a-tete  with him on Sunday (27th January 2013). Here are the interview excerpts:


Prakriti: How did you get interested in acting?

Mukesh: I was interested in acting since I was five, when I got a chance to perform on stage.  When I was in 7th grade, I was honored with the title- “Punjab da nanha bhashan champion” (Declamation king of Punjab). During my college days, I practiced theatre and drama. About 13 years ago, I got my first cassette released with Sudesh lahri ji. Since I was always fascinated with the film industry, it was quite natural for me to get into it.

 Prakriti: Tell us something about your first break in ‘Taur Mitran Di’.

Mukesh: I enjoyed a lot working in 'Taur Mitran Di'. I, especially, remember the moment, when I did a really long shot in just one go. My crew members were so impressed that even the director Navaniat Singh and Ranvijay applauded me for that.

Prakriti: Tell us something about your family.

Mukesh: I have been born and brought up in Amritsar.  I have two brothers and two sisters. Although they aren’t very interested in this field, but they are very supportive to me!

Prakriti: Are your parents happy about your profession?

Mukesh: They were a little worried initially because of my unconventional choice of profession especially, during my early days of struggle, but later, as I gradually started moving towards my goal with full dedication and passion, they started supporting me.

Prakriti: What is the best thing about your profession?

Mukesh: The best part is that if you’re truly dedicated towards your profession, you will surely get a chance to shine, and shine bright!  I feel that there are only two places where you can win a lottery-one is the lottery ticket itself and the second is this field where just one big break can make you a star overnight.  
Prakriti: What is the worst thing about the profession?

Mukesh : A little amount of politics is there in every field, so is here. And then, in this field, “luck” also plays a vital role in determining your chances of getting truly recognized.  You may be a great actor, but if you don’t get the right chance at the right age, then things may never work the way they ‘could have’.

Prakriti: Who is your role model?

Mukesh: Many people say that I am the ‘Rajpal Yadav’ of Punjabi cinema. I too respect him a lot. I also admire Rana Ranbir ji, Sir Sudesh Lahri, and Sir Bhagwant Mann.

Prakriti: Do you want to stick to ‘Ballewood’ only or want to get into ‘Bollywood’ as well?

Mukesh vohra: Why not? Everyone wants to rise in life, and so do I. In fact, going to Bollywood, would make us-Punjabis be proud of ourselves even more.

Prakriti: What is your favorite food?

Mukesh: I am not at all a foodie! I can stay hungry for 5 to 6 days without complain (smiles).

Prakriti: Tell us something about your future plans?

Mukesh : Right now, I am working on two movies simultaneously. One is with Dheeraj Rattan, and another one with Sharry Maan. I will also be flying to Australia for a comedy play (directed by Sir Rana Ranbir). Besides that, I also have quite a few projects to work with Binnu ji, Amrinder Gill and Harbhajan Mann Sir. 

mukesh-still-tu-mera{Mukesh Vohra in a still from Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22}

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(With inputs from Gurkirat Sidhu)