Manny Parmar- A new age Punjabi film-maker

Manny Parmar - a Canada-based independent filmmaker who recently created waves in the Punjabi film industry with the release of his first feature film- Pehchaan 3D- the World's first 3D Punjabi film, shares details about his life and career, in an exclusive interview to Ballewood. Pehchaan 3D that did exceptionally well in SAFF- South Asian Film Festival in Canada last year, released worldwide on 1st February 2013. Besides Pehchaan 3D, Manny Parmar has also written and directed an English short film called 'Cash on Delivery' in 2006! 



manny-parmarMonita: How did the idea of making a 3D movie in Punjabi come up in your mind?

Manny: Being technically very adept, I wanted a challenge for my first feature film that could also give me a chance to learn things better. Besides that, I thought if there's an opportunity to make the first Punjabi 3D film, then why not do it as my debut. Moreover, Pehchaan 3D is somewhat a new age film and represents an independent way of filmmaking. 3D fits right in with the approach that we had while making this film. If Punjabi music has evolved over time, why haven't the films?

Monita: What, according to you, is the USP of Pehchaan 3D? 
Manny: Script, Story and Steve Dhillon. 

Monita: What kind of audience do you think, would this film appeal to?

Manny: As the film is relative to western or Canadian living, the film may appeal more to people outside of India. But since the audience is changing in India as well, so for anyone who is ready to see progression in Punjabi cinema, this film should appeal to him or her. 

Monita: How do you see the current trend of comedy movies in Punjabi film industry?

Manny: Comedy acts as an excellent tool to engage in the escapism that exists in film. While watching a comedy film, you can easily forget your worries and get entertained. That being said, not everyone has a tolerance for too much or continous sugar. There is no doubt that the comedy Punjabi films are successful but there should be room for films that are story driven as well.

Monita: In India, not many people are aware of the cast of the movie.  Tell us something about that.

Manny: The cast is made up of Canadian actors. Steve Dhillon (yes, that's his legal name), is working his way well into the Hollywood industry as well as gradually moving into Punjabi Cinema. Mandeepak Patrola and Jaspal Randhawa are TV Personalities in Canada, whilst many of the other supporting actors in the film are from theater. 

Monita: Finally, tell us something about yourself, your family and how did you get interested in film-making?

Manny: I have been studying films for over 12 years now. In Canada, I have completed two degrees in filmmaking and have won awards for Cinematography, Editing and Direction. I enjoy producing and putting things together as I feel that I have the knowledge and experience to do it right. My family background is from the pind Bappiana in district Mansa, Punjab. I was born in Canada but I keep coming to Punjab frequently to meet my family. I am married and have a 2 year old son, who was born right when we were putting the ideas out of making this film.


A still from Pehchaan 3D

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