Interview : Ksshitij Chaudhary (Director - Mr. and Mrs. 420)

Ksshitij Chaudhary, the director of this year's first surprise hit - Mr. and Mrs. 420 - a movie that received rave reviews allover, has come a long way since his chemical Engineering days at PU, Chandigarh where he first dreamt of becoming a filmmaker. Easily, one of the best directors that we have in our Ballewood right now, here is this super-talented man, talking his exclusively to

KC11.jpgQ: How do you feel after receiving such an overwhelming response for your recently released movie, Mr. And Mrs. 420?

A : It truly feels great . I can’t even express it in words .Everybody was fearing that people are probably fed up with comedies, but Mr. and Mrs. 420 was loved by all.  Even the number of shows got increased after the great response the movie received on the opening days. Even overseas (Australia and Canada) the movie is doing extremely well. Thanks to the audience for all their support.  

Q: How did Mr. and Mrs. 420 come your way ?

A: Me and my very good friend - Smeep Kang have been working on this project for a long time. The movie is inspired by a novel. There are many movies in different languages made on the same novel, but it’s learnt that only Mr. and Mrs. 420 – the Punjabi version, has done so well in its movie adaptation. After my last year’s movie- ‘Jatts in Golmaal’, I wanted something even better and then I was handed over this project. It’s not just my own efforts but my entire team - from the producers to the actors to the crew members – because of whom the movie became this year’s first superhit.   

Q: How was the title decided?

A: I am fond of movies since my childhood. The title is very much inspired by Raj Kapoor’s ‘SHREE 420’ and another hit movie – Kamal Hassan’s ‘Chachi 420’. The very number ‘420’ is so catchy that when I thought of this title, I didn’t give a second chance to myself, and just decided that this was it.

Q: Your movie has shown Punjab’s beauty really well. Whose idea was it?

A: Honestly, this was one thing that no one in the industry was emphasizing on. Punjab’s natural beauty is something that everyone wants to see. Lush green farms, water canals etc are what whole Punjab is filled with. I had this idea that we must show Punjab’s beauty because it is an asset to us .The movie should relate to the Punjabi audience and others should just see the real Punjab.

Q: Talking about your journey in the Punjabi film industry, tell us how hard or easy it was.

A: My journey wasn’t that easy. I had to overcome a lot of obstacles on the way.  Since my Chemical Engineering days at Panjab University,  I was interested in filmmaking. .I was close friends with Smeep kang and we started off with a DVD MOVIE named –‘ Meri Votti Da Viyah’ (a comedy) starring Upasana singh and Gurpreet Ghuggi. Lack of people to fund our projects and Punjabi audience’s deteriorating interest in our cinema was a major hurdle to overcome. However, even this DVD movie was much appreciated which boosted my confidence. In 2009, I got my first big break in the form of Harbhajan Mann’s Heer and then, Yaara O Dildaara, again a Harbhajan Mann movie.  

Q: What is your main focus while making a movie?

A: My main focus is upon a good script to work upon and then my vision to translate that script into a good movie. Having big stars in your movie won’t be as helpful as having a good script. A good script can extract the best from everyone.

A: Tell us about your future projects?

A: I am currently working on writing good scripts and this time, it will be a romantic action movie.

Q: Who is your favorite actor in the industry?

A: Jassi Gill is sure shot one of the best. He is smart, handsome and very talented as well. I call him the ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ of Punjabi Cinema.

Q: Favorite actress?

IndiraBilli. She is an old Punjabi actress and till today I haven’t seen an actress like her.

Q: Favorite Punjabi  movie?

A: Chann pardesi ‘is my all time favorite movie.

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