An interview with 'Sikander' (Kartar Cheema)

A favorite of music video directors in Punjab, the tall and handsome ‘Jattan da putt’ - Kartar Cheema,  after having featured in more than 150 music videos as a model, is now displaying his talent in acting as well.  ‘Siyasat’, ‘Hashar’, ‘Jawani Zinadabad’, ‘Channa Sachi Muchi’, ‘Kabaddi-Ik Mohabbat’ and ‘Yaar Anmulle’ are some of the movies wherein he showcased his acting prowess and then, a role in Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza starrer, Hindi movie – ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’, got him the much needed recognition. Now, Cheema gets his big break in  Jatinder Mauhar’s –‘Sikander’ where he will be seen playing the lead role. Here’s Kartar Cheema talking to Ballewood about his role in Sikander and his journey as an actor so far.  

Prakriti : Tell us about your role in ‘Sikander’?
Kartar:  In Sikander, I am playing the lead character, ‘Sikander’ himself. The movie is based on students politics centered in Punjab University. My character is based on how a guy from a village comes to the university and gets into politics. How I become the president and what leads to the complete transformation of my character – from a simple guy who had once fallen in love to a hardcore politician.

Prakriti: How much do you relate to the movie with the real Punjab University politics?
 I completely relate it to the Punjab University politics and assure you that if you watch the movie you will just see the mirror image of what happens in the university. Jatinder Mauhar (director) has done a lot of research and has written all the characters very well.

Prakriti: How important is the movie Sikander to you?
 Sikander is a very intense role, and if this movie is well received by the audience then it is definitely going to provide a great career boost to me. I have put in every little effort to improve myself as an actor and literally, left no stone unturned to do full justice to my character.

Prakriti: Tell us something about your family background?
Kartar:  I am born in a Jatt Sikh agriculturist family of a small village, Moranwali, near Sunam. I am the eldest son and have two younger sisters and a brother.

Prakriti: Is your family supportive of your acting career?
Kartar:  I am basically from a conservative agriculturist family but still my family is very happy about what I am doing and wants me to do well in the same line.

Prakriti: What do you have to say about the comedy trend going on in the Punjabi film industry?

Kartar:  Today Punjabi cinema is growing and making comedy movies is the safest move any one can make. No one wants to take risk and make a movie of a different genre. Our very young producer Poonam Pawar has made an effort to make an offbeat movie. We hope that the audience likes it and support this kind of cinema too, so that more and more filmmakers start thinking on different lines too.

Prakriti: You have done so many movies, which out of all is your favorite role?

Kartar: There is no favorite role as such. But yes, I really enjoyed playing ‘Sikander’.

Prakriti : Who is your favorite director ?
Kartar: The director of the movie Sikander  - Jatinder Mauhar.  

Prakriti: Do you want to carry on in Ballewood or also try in Bollywood?
It’s about getting the right kind of roles. If I get something really nice to do in Hollywood then I might just fly there also, so no harm in going to Bollywood either. (he giggles)

Kartar Cheema in Sikander: