Harish Verma - A non-singer actor who has left a mark!

Interview with charming Harish Verma, one of those few non-singer actors in Punjab, who has garnered praises from both critics and masses for his subtle yet superb performances in Punjabi cinema over the last few significant years. He won the Best actor (critic) award for his role in Anurag Singh’s “Yaar Anmulle” (2011), his performance was greatly appreciated in Burrah and finally, in 2013, he got a chance to display his versatility as an actor. From a loud and comic character in Daddy Cool Munde Fool, to a much wiser role in RSVP, Harish Verma has carved his own niche in the industry.  

Here are the excerpts from a phone conversation that Ballewood.in’s  Prakriti Malhotra had with this immensely talented actor.

Q: How did you get into this line? Was it planned or happened by chance?

A : I won’t call entering into the film industry, ‘by chance’. Rather when I was in college, I happened to join theatre by chance. But once, I was in that theatre group, under Late Sardar Gursharan Singh ji, I got that much needed enthusiasm and confidence to pursue acting career with full gutso. I admit that I wasn’t all that good in academics but I think acting is what I was made for, as my passion, interest, love was only me performing best on stage .

Q:  How has your journey been from theatre to television to movies?

A : “Do it until its perfect “ - has always been my motto. I started theatre in 1999, then landed in television industry with  a serial, “Mission Fateh” in 2003. Gradually, I got selected for Punjabi movies when they were looking for some fresh faces.  Without doubt, I can say that in the industry anybody who is talented and wiling to work hard, will succeed. If your work is good, it will get noticed for sure. My journey so far has been good. On the way, I have met all kinds of people – some supporting my work, while some of them criticizing it. For me, the experience has been overall, an amazing one.

Q: Do you plan to go to Bollywood?

A: Yes, why not? I am a Punjabi working in this industry and would love to work in Bollywood. Everyone So, someday, if there’s a good script and role to work on ,I will enter in that industry too.

Q: Tell us something about your family?

A:  I have a loving family. My father is a retired govt. officer, mother – a housewife. I am the eldest son in the family and I have a younger sister who is married in Ludhiana. Younger brother is working in Chandigarh.

Q: Are they supportive about your profession?

A: Earlier they were not, because like any other Indian parents, their major concern was whether a career in acting would help me easily earn bread and butter for the day or not. But later, when I started working in movies and television, they understood me and since then, have always been supportive.

Q: Tell us about your education?

A: From a small crèche, I landed in a school in Kurali. I studied there till 4th grade before shifting to Mohali. Then I completed by study in Paragon School. Graduation happened from Arts from Government College, Mohali

Q: What is the best thing about your profession?

A: The best thing that I find is that talent is valued in this particular field. If you are talented, you‘ll be noticed. Your every action and expression will be noticed because you are the ‘King of the stage or screen’ then.

2Q: What is the worst thing about this profession?

A: To sum it all up in one word –‘ Hypocrisy’ prevails here, but with a lot of good, even if something bad comes along, it is acceptable.

Q: You are loved not just by your fans but the critics as well. How do you feel?

A: I obviously, feel amazing and blessed when I get so much appreciation and love. Without this love and support, I don’t think my confidence would have been where it is today.

Q: What’s your dream role?

A: I want to play, ‘Shiv Kumaar Batalvi’ once.

Q: Your Role model?

A:  Gurdass Maan ji.

Q: Favorite actor?

A:  Gurdass maan ji - he is the true legend .

Q: Favorite actress?

A:  Neeru Bajwa

Q: Favorite Director?

A: Anurag Singh and Vijay .K. Arora

Q: Favorite movie?

A:  Jatt and Juliet 1