Interview with Gurpreet Ghuggi

One of the best comedians in our Punjabi film industry, Gurpreet Ghuggi talks exclusively to about his life as a comedian, an actor and also, as a producer. The upcoming and one of the most awaited movies of 2013, Bhaji in Problem is produced by Ghuggi and the name of his production house is "Round Square Productions". This film's co-producer is Bollywood actor - Akshay Kumar. 

Ghuggi also shares his journey in Punjabi film industry from 'Jee Aaya Nu' (2002) till 'Jatts in Golmaal' (2013). Along with this, he also gives us his opinion on the current state of our film industry and how both Punjabi cinema and Bollywood have evolved over time. Watch this heart-to-heart interview with Gurpreet Ghuggi here: