Interview: DirectorGifty - director of upcoming film, Mukhtiar Chadha

Here's a casual interview with Director Gifty- the man who has directed amazing and some of the most popular Punjabi music videos, like, "Kharku", "Proper Patola", "Blue Eyes", "This party gettin hotter" and many more. Currently, he is also directing a Punjabi movie called, Mukhtiar Chadha which is going to have Diljit Dosanjh as the male lead.

Directorgifty1Q: How do you feel after giving one hit after the other....recently, 'Proper Patola' and then 'Blue Eyes'? Which one out of these two is your favourite?

A: The obvious answer, I feel amazing! When I get to know that people love the songs and the videos, it feels nice as the whole effort gets paid by audience's appreciation.  Both these songs are my favourite and I am not being diplomatic here.  'Proper Patol'a shows LA (Los Angeles, USA) during the day time, while for 'Blue Eyes' we shot in LA at night. The type of music both of them have is very different. Also the singer Diljit Dosanjh and Yo Yo Honey Singh are masters of their own singing, so I can’t compare them with each other and I love both of them.  

Q: How did Chetan become “Director Gifty”?

A: You won’t find a very deep, intense story behind this. 'Gifty' is my pet name, and I love this name more and hence, Chetan is called Director Gifty. The story how I became a director starts from the days when I finished my graduation and started working with my friend Navraj who was a video editor at that time. Soon, we opened a company name ‘Dream vision" and we did videos under 'Goyal Music' and many more videos here and there. When my friend left for Canada, I managed the company on my own and did videos like 'Naa Na Kari' for Geeta Zaildar, “Boli main pawaa” for MISS Pooja and many more. With time, I started doing videos for Diljit like Kharku, Radio and then with Jazzy B And Yo Yo ‘Party Getting Hotter. Now my directorial debut movie is coming soon called, 'Mukhtiar Chadha' staring Diljit Dosanjh and Oshin Sai. 

Q: Is your family supportive about your career?

A: I am blessed with the best family ever, they are so supportive and actually my strength. 

Q: Tell us about your upcoming movie Mukhtiar Chadha?

A: Mukhtiar is my friend in real life and the story is based on him.I thought about the character long time back, and today it’s on paper. The story is of a common and witty man who lives in old Delhi, and how because of his being honest, he gets into trouble and what all he does to get out of these troubles. The movie will have romance, action (that you'd have never seen before in any Punjabi movie), comedy and much more.  

Q: When can we see Mukhtiar Chadha in theatres? How is this movie different from other movies?

A: The movie will release next year around March, because the 10 days shoot is still left and due to change of weather we can’t shoot right now. This movie is strongly based on characters with Diljit playing the main role, Oshin being the girl he likes and all other roles are strong characters in themselves. The comedy in this movie is witty and situational comedy and not slapstick. The movie will give you a slice of action, romance and comedy as needed- nothing in excess just perfect dose.

Q: Tell us about your future projects?

A: Many of them are not officially announced yet but I am working with Diljit again, BADSHAH, and Sukhwinder Shinda. 

The quick questions:

Favourite actors : Diljit Dosanjh , Harish Verma

Favourite actress: Oshin Sai

Favourite movie: Jatt And Juliet 2