Candid Interview with Diljott- Upcoming Punjabi Star

For this upcoming Punjabi actress, acting is not just a word rather a ‘big world’. Completely passionate about this art, Diljott says that acting is a magic which can lighten up the life of not only an actor but also a huge number of people around. She's been the face for the cover pages of national magazines like 'My Mobile' , 'Tricity Calling' and 'Filmfare' and as of now, she's playing the lead role in the film 'Mast Parinday' which will get released mid 2013. Here’s Ballewood reporter, Prakriti Malhotra getting candid with Diljott who’s all set to become the next big star of Punjabi cinema:

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 Prakriti: How did you get interested in acting?

Diljott: I was passionate about acting since childhood. I used to be so much in awe of all the actors that I even started imitating them at young age. Also, in school and college, I used to participate in almost everything: all the stage plays, dances etc, which eventually, went a long way in instilling confidence in me to freely perform in front of thousands of people. That was when, I seriously got interested in acting and couldn’t even think of separating myself from it.

Prakriti: What was the first step that you took to convert your dream into a reality?
Diljott : The very first step was self introspection and asking myself if this is what I want to be. Once I was clear with myself, I discussed it with my parents if I was going the right way. The moment, I got a green signal then there was no looking back.

Prakriti: Any struggles/problems that you had to go through in the process?
Diljott: I think if you have to achieve your aim then nothing is easy. You are bound to face few difficulties as well but I believe if you are passionate about something than even the problems look like 'Sweet candies'....No big obstacles as such but the few ones are waiting for the right script and the right role & of course, being firm on your principles while dealing with various kinds of people.


Prakriti: Tell us something about your education .
Diljott: Fortunately, I have been an excellent student both in my school and college. Apart from being an all rounder, I have been a topper throughout and excelled in everything I opted for.  I’ve done  Psychology (Honours) and Journalism has helped me to relate best with
people and situations in life.

Prakriti: Tell us something about your family. 

Diljott: I am highly blessed to have a very loving & caring family.  The precious jewels of my family are, my parents who are both doctors. My elder brother is the DSP  (Punjab Police).

Prakriti: Is your family supportive to you as far as your acting dreams are concerned?
Diljott: Fully! My family has never stopped me from doing anything Apart from my hardwork whatever I am and tomorrow will be, is all because of their blessings & support. 

Prakriti: What's the best thing that you like about your profession?
Diljott: After working very hard on our projects for months together, when people come out of the cinema halls happy & smiling, that's the biggest reward for all of us. That smile on our audience’s faces is what we actors crave for.

Prakriti:. What's the worst?

Diljott:When people often think that females working in this profession are open and would almost do anything possible! Come on, we are professionals and what people see on screen is a part of our job and once the camera switches off and the scene is 'Cut', then we are like all, ordinary girls, who enjoy being with their families.

Prakriti:  What all do you do to maintain or enhance your beauty? Any tips to share?
Diljott: While going out, I make sure that I apply sunscreen, moisturize my lips and use good quality products. Once I am back, it's very important to wash off the makeup. Healthy, well balanced diet comprising lots of water, fruits, green vegetables and a healthy exercise regime are also important to me. I also do cycling, swimming or aerobics.

Prakriti: Which hero in Ballewood do you want to work with as his co-star?
Diljott: Can it be in the plural ??? Heroes (smiles)....There are so many talented actors and I want to work with all of them!

Prakriti: Who is your role model?
Diljott: My darling mom.

Prakriti:  Do you want to stick to Punjabi cinema only or want to go to Bollywood as well?
Diljott: Although I love doing Punjabi Cinema and also feel fortunate to do, but would also like to go to Bollywood sometime, so that I get a chance to showcase my talent to a wider audience.

Prakriti:  What’s your favorite food?
Diljott: Being a punjabi, just the idea of food excites me! Any homemade food by my mom would do but Rajmah Chawal is my all time favourite.

Prakriti: Who is your favorite director? 
Diljott: Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra.

Prakriti: Favorite actor/actresses?
Diljott: Aamir Khan and Kajol.

Prakriti: Tell us about your upcoming movies and other projects you  plan to take ? 
Diljott:Very soon there would be official announcements & press conferences revealing them all......and yes,, would be the first one to know them !! Till then I cannot reveal much. 

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