Dheeraj Ratan - An impeccable writer all set to don the director's hat again with 'Ishq Garaari'..

Every movie fan has at least once in their life screamed, after wasting money on some boring movie of the type we have seen dozens of times before:'I can do better than that!' But to go from that to being an actual professional screenwriter isn't an easy task. Still, it's one that Dheeraj Rattan has been very successful at. Dheeraj Rattan, the man behind Punjabi classics like, Mel Karade Rabba, Jihne Mera Dil Luteya, Jatt and Juliet series, Singh vs. Kaur etc, is a soft-spoken man, but under that calm exterior is enough creativity hidden. Some of his work you’ve seen, some is yet to come. He made his directorial debut with 'Saadi Love Story' and is all set to direct another multi-starrer, called 'Ishq Garaari', releasing in October this year. Ballewood.in's reporter, Prakriti Malhotra, gets in touch with Dheeraj to know more about this film:

Dheeraj rattan-articleQ: How did Ishq Garaari come your way?

A: I have written the screenplay for one of the top punjabi movies like Mel Karde Rabba, Jihne Mera Dil Luteya, Jatt And Juliet series and many more. I also worked as an assistant director beforing doning the director's hat. At the back of my mind, there was always a concept and with time that concept got stronger and the result is now what you all will see in this festive season called, 'Ishq Garaari'. 

Q: Ishq Garaari has a big starcast. How did you choose the actors for Ishq Garaari?

A: This movie has no doubt an ensemble cast, with actors like, Gulzar, Sharry Maan, Vinaypal Buttar, Rannvijay, Mandy Takhar, Miss Pooja and Gunjan Walia, coming together. As far as choosing them is concerned, I was clear in my mind since day one, because when I was working with Sharry Maan for his album 'Atte Di Chiri', I got to know that this man has a potential to act and act very well. Other names automatically, came into mind, as I wrote the characters. Mandy Takhar is one of the finest actress in the industry whose potential is yet to come so, 'Ishq Garaari', shall hopefully, bring forth her real talent before the public.  

Q: What all problems did you face during the making of  Ishq Garaari?

A: There aren’t much difficulties when the cast and crew are so helpful and cooperative. Even when climatic conditions did not favor us (like, it rained heavily during February and March) but the whole cast and crew were patient enough to work late night and shoot. Takes and Re-takes were done until the scene could be perfect. But one of the major problems was, related to me, when I fell and got my knee injured.  To get it cured, I even had to undergo a knee surgery but thankfully, everything is well now. 

Q: Who do you think has done the most wonderful job in your movie?

A: 'Everyone' is my answer!  Each actor has played their part beautifully. It is difficult to name one. Miss Pooja has played the character of herself remarkably well; you will see Sharry Maan coming back with a bang after his last release;  Mandy Takhar will be in a role like no one has seen her before. But if I have to name one, Gulzar has played the role tremendously well. This guy has worked too hard and has put in his best foot forward. However, having said that, a good movie could not have been made if everyone wasn’t perfect so each one has done the best in their own way.

Q: You have been behind almost all the classics of the growing Punjabi industry; how do you feel now?

A: It obviously feels great when something created by your own hands gets appreciation and recognition allover. Movies like 'Mel Karde Rabba',  'Jihne Mera Dil Luteya' , 'Jatt And Juliet Series' are some of the movies, that everyone loved but at the same time, all this success also gave me the responsibility to work even harder ahead to maintain the standard and to contribute in the growth of the Punjabi film industry consistently and qualitatively.  

Q: What do you have to say about the comedy trend in Punjabi film industry?

A: There is a myth that only comedy movies are entertaining movies. Audience can find entertainment in a romantic movie, a thriller and even a serious movie as well. The art lies in presenting your work in such way that the audience just gets involved while watching it.  But if we keep giving them a dose of comedy movies all the time, they are bound to get bored some day and will definitely, opt for something better. Therefore, I strongly feel, that we must exploit our abilities and try to give the audience a taste of everything!


Q: What other projects are you working on at the moment?

A: I have a list lined up. Waiting for Ishq Garaari to get released first and then I will be working with Gurdas Maan ji for a movie that Manjeet Maan will be directing. And the one, that I am really excited about is a thriller written by me called, "Rambo Ranjha" which will be directed by Navaniat Singh. Other projects are not named right now, but will be out soon.

Q: Your favorite Punjabi movie?

A: Laung Da Lashkara , Putt Jattan De (Old One) and Jatt And Juliet 1.

Q: Your favorite Punjabi actor?

A: Diljit Dosanjh And Jimmy Sheirgill. 

Q: Your favorite Punjabi actress?

A: Neeru Bajwa and Surveen Chawla.

Q: Any special message that you would like to give to the Punjabi film fans regarding the upcoming movie - Ishq Garaari?

A: I want to tell Punjabi film viewers allover the world, that 'Ishq Garaari' is the result of hardwork put in by everyone. Being the director, I really wanted to keep everything perfect. The music is done by the big names like, NICK DHAMI, YO YO HONEY SINGH, RDB and BADSHAH. I am sure the audience will love the music as much as the movie itself.  Costume styling has been done by Mukesh Mehra and Avni Vasa who have introduced a glamorous Punjabi touch with different hair-dos,  giving a new look to the stereotypical punjabis. I wish and pray that the efforts that each one from the crew has put in, comes out well and the audience appreciates it and loves it .

 Trailer of Ishq Garaari